Longevity and continued relevance in the political system is not the province of many a politician as some of their careers is just like a flash in a pan, momentary and fleeting, making little impact on the lives and wellbeing of their citizenry, talkless of creating milestones in the socio-political scheme of things.

In this regard, tested and trusted leaders who have impacted positively on the lives of the downtrodden, indigent and oppressed common folk deserve to be commended as they can be regarded as pillars and cornerstones of their nation’s democratic experience, surmounting all insurmountable odds.

Even in the United States, politicians that have stayed the course for decades either in the executive or legislative branch have been saluted as legends of their time including such redoubts like Senators Barry Goldwater, (Arizona), Alan Cranston (California), Robert Byrd (West Virginia), Ted Kennedy (Massachussets), Jacob Javits (New York), Dianne Feinstein (California), Joe Biden (Delaware), most of blessed memory.

In the Nigerian political matrix, quite a few leaders stand out for their resilience and tenacity in clinging in to their ideological beliefs and die hard opinions not caring whose ox was gored in the process including President Muhammadu Buhari and his trusted lieutenants who have never betrayed or sold out their precepts or constituencies for a mess of porridge as the popular adage goes, From the APP, to the ANPP, to the CPC and now the APC, President Muhammadu Buhari and his core of loyalists always held fast to their principles and ideals of a just, transparent, equitable and accountable society, free of corruption, embezzlement, malfeasance and maladministration and despite the hurdles and obstacles, the Buhari brigade continued to work assiduously and resolutely until they arrived auspiciously at the corridors of power on May 29th 2015.

One of the key lieutenants that galvanized crucial grassroots support and unalloyed commitment to the Buhari project is none other than Hon Abubakar Abari, frontline statesman and eminent House of Representatives member in the 2nd Republic who was undoubtedly a force of stability and order in the House and his mature counsel kept him in good stead with the leadership and membership of the 2nd Republic House of Representatives.

Indeed during those testy and tumultuous times, such was the high level of reverence and ingrained esteem in which Hon Abubakar Abari was held, that he belonged to an informed council of wise men that held forth on key legislative, administrative and policy issues, advising then House Speaker, Rt Hon Benjamin Chaha as well as other members of the House leadership on the way and manner of moving the House as well as the nation forward when key issues needed to be addressed.

Hon Abubakar Abari has consolidated his enviable public service track record by numerous philanthropic, charitable and grassroots-oriented interventions that have raised the socio-economic indices of his Federal Capital Territory constituents to appreciable levels despite official apathy and malign neglect from successive administrations before the President Muhammadu Buhari tenure that has heralded a surfeit of crucial democratic dividends for the indigenes of the FCT.

Indeed the Gbagyis, Gwandaras, Kotos and other indigenes deserve more say in the affairs of the FCT, including the appointment of an indigene in to the federal cabinet, employment of more indigenes in the FCDA and its parastatals and agencies and the creation of at least 2 more senatorial and 7 more House of Reps seats to bring it to an equitable par with similar sized states in the country. It will be in line with the constitutional provision stipulating that the FCT shall be treated and accorded the same status as other states of the federation. Charity they say beings at home and Hon Abubakar Abari is not one to pay lip service to the developmental imperatives of his constituency having initiated numerous projects and interventions that have raised their socio-economic profile in the health, education, water borehole, rural development, power, agriculture, manpower development and women and youth empowerment arenas.

Not one to rest on his oars, Hon Abubakar contested for the FCT senatorial seat under the  CPC platform in 2011 only to be electorally short changed by the then ruling PDP and he correctly predicted that those that rigged him out of victory would themselves be cashiered from power by a free and fair contest, and true to his attestation the PDP was thoroughly defeated and chased out of the Aso Villa.

As far as Hon Abari is concerned, President Muhammadu Buhari is performing wonders in the political economic and infrastructural arenas tackling corruption and corrupt elements decisively, moving away from oil and towards agriculture in order to divest our export earnings and revamping the nation’s moribund road, rail, sea and airport infrastructure: ‘We are seeing how former governors that have been charged to court for decades have now been jailed by the Buhari administration, something the PDP government could not do in its 16 years of maladministration. This government has a zero tolerance for corruption and those that have stolen public funds are now made to face the music to serve as a lesson to future perpetrators’.

Indeed Hon Abari has signaled his intention to recontest the FCT senatorial seat on the APC platform in the 2019 general elections as his wealth of experience, force of intellect and strength of conviction and principled stance on key regional and national issues would undoubtedly place him in a formidable position to emerge triumphant at the end of the day. And his senatorial aspiration is not a personal endeavour for self-aggrandizing ends rather it has been the cumulative result of an irresistible, consistent and deafening clamour of hundreds of thousands of his constituents, party faithfuls loyalist and admirers within and outside the FCT who are aware of his passion for service, excellence, benevolence and commitment towards uplifting the living standards of his beloved people come rain, come shine. As 2019 beckons, Hon Abubakar Abari undoubtedly stands at the threshold of history and the Senate of 9th National Assembly. To God be the Glory.

  Aliyu wrote in from Abuja