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European Union Raises Concerns Over 2019 Elections



European Union EU

Foreign countries under the European Union (EU) have yesterday expressed concern over the conduct of the 2019 elections and the rising cases of killings and violence in some parts of the country including Plateau, Benue and Taraba States.
Sir Sean Hoy, the Irish Ambassador to Nigeria, who made this known yesterday in Yenagoa during a call on the Bayelsa State deputy governor, Rear Admiral John Jonah, at the Government House, though cases of violence can not be ruled out in the world, the recent cases of killings and violence in some parts of Nigeria is worrisome.
Ambassador Sean Hoy, also revealed that immediate visit of President Muhammad Buhari to Plateau State gladden the hearts of leaders of European Union and they have ruled out the involvement of Nigerians in the killings.

Hoy said, “The international communities, particularly the European Union, are concerned about the killings in the country and also the President of Nigerian has shown concern. I was pleased that President Muhammad Buhari visited Plateau State.
“We agreed that there would always be violence in the world. But it is our responsibility, as leaders, to do what we can to reduce it and to look at the causes of violence. If it is poverty or it insecurity, we need to find ways to resolve it.”
He noted that the European Union have observed that Nigerians are peace loving people and can not be involved in the killings in order to instigate religious or ethnic violence, “ I think most Nigerians live peacefully. And when such peace is threatened, it is very bad. Now we are seeing, insecurity and other conflicts. And we think those are caused by bandits.”
“I don’t believe that the peace loving people of Nigeria are involve in the violence along ethnic and religious grounds. And it is very important that leaders preach peace because Nigerians are peacefully people and have lived together for a long time. Now that Nigerians are being threatened by negative forces, that is where all of us including world leaders, the Nigerian people and communities have to come together and preach peace.

“If people resist violence, it will not succeed, no matter who forced it. On the issue of Politician involvement in killings and violence, we don’t have evidence but also we are members of the international community and can’t comment.”
On the 2019 general elections, Ambassador Sean Hoy also noted that the foreign countries are concerned over the threat of peace ahead of the conduct of the general elections, “Our concern is for the election to be free and fair and for voters and the Nigerian people to accept the result. Our job is to make the election to be free and fair. And for the people to accept it and the possibility of violence will be reduced.”