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As Gov Abubakar Weathers The Political Storm In Bauchi



In today’s democracy, the quest and dream of having good governance have been the backbreaker to our growing and complex democratic system. It is the believe of many Nigerians that politicians are in the game for self-enrichment, prestige and ascendency over certain segment of people, be it at the local, state or federal level. This could be the reason and rationale behind people not showing interest in politics and believing voting is only the business and concern of those who partake in politics.

Still in Nigeria, only inconsiderable and average part of the population are taking part in the voting process, with the larger percentage intentionally avoiding taking part in the process of electing their leaders and usually failing in calling the attention of erred leadership or holding any accountable in whatever scenario.

Today the unclaimed voter’s registration cards are still stockpiled in different Independent National Electoral Commission’s offices in the country. This signifies that many aren’t ready to vote in the 2019 general election and have lost faith in political leadership.

In every ruptured and lamentable bearings, there’re always a silent few that do things differently in order to rescue the situation and give hope to the hopeless, encouragement to the despondent and faith to the disheartened. Governor Muhammed Abdullahi Abubakar of Bauchi State is one of the rare political gems and paragons who ventured into politics with a clear vision and unperturbed commitment to change the disenchanted and jaundiced democracy to better the lives of his people and inculcate hopefulness in the minds of the despondent citizens of Bauchi State.

Like Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, like Muhammed Abdullahi of Bauchi State; their missions are similar and their challenges are synonymous in virtually all aspects of democratic leadership. Buhari is seen to many positive minded Nigerians as an emancipator and God sent political liberator and today, he has justified to even his immediate opponents and impenitent adversaries that he is in the game for the betterment of all Nigerians regardless of political, tribal, and ethnic considerations. His sterling record of achievements within only three years of his stewardship has radiated in all the nooks and crannies of the country.

Coming down to Bauchi, my state and the only place I can call my home, we are blessed with a selfless leader, whose ideals are synonymous to that of our national leader, President Buhari, in changing the lot of the common man for the better against all the hurdles and political impediments. Today, Bauchi State has witnessed exceptional and marvellous record of achievements by the Governor Abubakar-led administration in the state.

To any causal visitor or anybody who visited the state last before the emergence of Governor Abubakar, they either guide or may lost their way to their destinations or homes because of the road network constructed by the present administration in the state and some local governments areas of Bauchi State. In all the 20 local government areas of Bauchi State, hospitals have been constructed, health training institutions refurbished and wearing a new look with many courses being upgraded.

In his administration’s readiness to boost agriculture in the state, Governor Abubakar has reinvigorated the abandoned state-owned fertilizer company and today, the company, apart from being the main source of fertilizer to the farmers, is also a source of job creation to the teeming population. Yes, the fertilizer is made available, farmers are recording high yields and the economy is booming in the state.

As if it is not enough, the governor has recently paid a working visit to Morocco where a lot of bilateral agreements were signed between the Bauchi State Government and various industries and institutions, all in an effort to boost agricultural development and other key economic indices of the state. During the recent working visit to the state by President Muhammadu Buhari, apart from commissioning roads as encapsulated in the governor’s urban renewal drive and other projects like the distribution of sewing machines and set of generators, Mr President also commissioned farming machineries and implements, including tractors, ox-ploughs, agricultural tricycles, mini trucks and a host of others.

He met a state where everywhere was in disarray. One one of the vital sectors that was begging for rescue was the state civil service and before the coming of the present administration in Bauchi State, the state civil service was a shadow of itself where government owed workers’ backlog of salaries for several months, while ghost workers existed in all the ministries and departments, but with his clear determination to clean up the system from what has been the bane of development. It is indeed a breakthrough as the system has entirely got overhauled, the backlogged salaries have been paid monthly salaries are subsequently paid as at when due.

In every neck of the woods, he changed the old ways of doing things for the better and when certain people are going to be disrobed of their whims and caprices, it is usually going to be a bumpy ride and only the dogged and honest can withstand the fierce opposition.

This explains why some have to lay off their appointments and seek another alternative because it is no longer business as usual. Here, the credible man is on the wheel and the co-travellers have to be of the same mission or else fall along the line.

But the most interesting part of the journey in Bauchi State is that the foresighted and those with functional cognitive faculties know best and cannot be hoodwink in the demeanour of politics. The best is always the best and Governor Abubakar is the best.

Zubairu wrote in from Bauchi



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