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Corruption Thriving Under APC – Datti Baba-Ahmed



The Presidential aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the 2019 election, Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed, yesterday, declared that corruption still thrives under the current administration just as he challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to tell Nigerians the sources of his campaign funds in 2015.

He also stated that President Buhari is not popular in the North, noting that he built his politics around the gullible populace in the region.

Baba-Ahmed, who is the founder of Baze University, stated this at the PDP national headquarters in Abuja when he formally notified them of his intention to run for president in 2019 on the party’s platform.

Acompanied to the meeting by the Director General of Campaign Organisation, Hon. Chuma Nzeribe, Baba-Ahmed said Nigeria will have more gloomy picture of affairs in the country, should Nigerians allow APC to come back in 2019.

On the issue of corruption, Ahmed said: “There is stealing going on in Nigeria as I speak. This anti-corruption is a lie. How can one collect corruption money from people’s salaries to campaign at election and you come to power to say you are fighting corruption? How can your friends and relatives be making billions at our expense with inflated contracts still being awarded?

“Two notoriously rich former governors have been rewarded with two of the biggest ministries. I am inviting President Buhari with due respect, to come out and address an international press conference and say that his government is not corrupt. Let him tell us categorically that his administration is not corrupt.’’

The presidential aspirant also attacked the notion that President Buhari is very popular in the north, saying that such popularity is not based on any known ideological standpoint but only sentiments.

“President Buhari built his politics around the gullible ones by inciting hatred of poor people against the elite.”

He however said his immediate priority will be to stabilise the exchange rate and bring down the interest rate to the lowest level if he emerges president, to attract more foreign investors thereby creating a buoyant economy.

Ahmed also said that his administration will ensure that every metre of Nigeria’s territory is accounted for. He promised to deploy technology to monitor all the major towns and highways in the country.





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