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Failed Marriages: Between Toyin Abraham And Mercy Aigbe



In life change is the only constant thing. But when a change in marital status beckons to a woman, she is either celebrated or scorned even without having knowledge of what transpired. Our society seems to have no mercy for our women even when the men are the most culpable in marriage crashes.   

Celebrity marriages are either celebrated or envied and when it crashes more often than not the woman takes the blame. Toyin Aimakhu now rebranded to Toyin Abraham and Mercy Aigbe are one of the finest actresses to come out from the Yoruba side of Nollywood. But the duo have suffered marriage crashes in recent times, the latter having been the latest on account of a domestic abuse from her hotelier hubby.

During Toyin Abraham’s marital crisis, Mercy Aigbe was one of those who tried to reconcile her to her ex-hubby, Niyi Johnson. But it was to no avail; it resulted into bad blood between the two talented thespians.  Now, the dust seemed to have cleared and Toyin Abraham has finally apologized to Mercy Aigbe following their public ‘fight’ on Instagram.

Toyin sometime ago accused Mercy of being the reason for her crashed marriage with her ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson. This was after Mercy sent a congratulatory message to Adeniyi Johnson’s fiancée, Seyi Edun.

However, Toyin last Thursday took to her Instagram page, publicly apologising to Mercy. She described her accusation as one of her moment of ‘mess up’.  ”I am a product of grace. Even in my deepest moments of “mess-up” and deepest hole of hell, God found me and gave me a second chance and aligned my path with grace. Do I mess up sometimes? Yes. Like the Mercy Aigbe’s blip, it was an error in judgment on my part. I was wrong and way out of line. I’ve since reached out to Mercy and we have sorted our differences.

“Today, we still had cause to communicate. I am truly sorry. It is time to focus on the goal and move on to something better than the past and the present”. Toying Abraham wrote. It takes humility to apologise when one is wrong and Toyin, the producer of wave making movie, ‘The Ghost and The Tout’ has done that.



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