The Governor of Sokoto State Aminu Tambuwal has advocated for a review of Nigeria`s security architecture as a way of solving the current security challenges facing Nigeria.

Tambuwal made the call during the recent 18th National Executive Council Meeting of the Nigerian Union of Journalists.

The governor canvassed a partnership with Nigeria`s major stakeholders, especially the Fourth Estate of the Realm, as a way of building a broad national consensus to engender a new order.

He urged President Muhammadu Buhari to listen to the desperate cries of Nigerians, to end the mindless bloodbath going on everywhere today.

The Governor lend examples from his own achievements in the area of security as the governor of Sokoto State.

It could be recalled that, Governor Tambuwal inherited a dreadful banditry and restive youths activities, when he was sworn is as the governor of the state in 2015. But with diligent application of strategy, he was able curtail the menace.

According to Tambuwal, “The loss of a single human life is a terrible thing. Life is sacred and must be seen to eternally remain so.

“A nation that allows avoidable loss of life is actually divesting itself of the human resources needed for national development.

“Nigeria must scale up to global paradigms of the 21st Century leadership.

“We live in a world where only evil men, or those not sincere in their concern for the common good, would keep quiet in moments of grave national malaise.

“Beyond all that, this is a clarion call for all Nigerians to wake up from their slumber and take their lives (not the law) into their hands. A reversal of the current trend of events in the country rests on a new and forward-looking leadership that is in tune with the rest of the world. That is not the type of leadership we have at the moment.”

On the raging debate over the lack of control by state Governors on the security agencies, the governor said, “The helplessness of a state governor, who has no direct control over the police and other security personnel in his state showcases a dreadful national security framework.

“Whatever national security strategy the Federal Government is working with at the moment has failed spectacularly in dealing with herdsmen farmer conflict, kidnapping, opportunistic banditry, armed robbery and sundry acts of criminality?

“If as a Governor you have an unfriendly Commissioner of Police, or a Commander of Civil Defense, there is nothing you can do?