A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) in Kaduna State and 2011 gubernatorial candidate in under the Congress for Progresive Change (CPC) who was also an aspirant in 2015 elections under the APC, Haruna Sa’eed Kajuru has formerly joined the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and picked his party card at his Kajuru ward of Kajuru local government area of Kaduna State.

Recall that the former APC chieftain in March this year announced his decision to quit the party with his supporters, adding then that even the Ahmed Bola Tinubu reconciliation committee was not going to be able to make them change their decision.

In fulfilment of his promise not to change his words, Alhaji Kajuru led quite a largel number of his supporters to his Kujuru ward where he picked his SDP membership card in the presence of party chieftains.

Speaking to newsmen shortly after picking his membership card, he said,”I have been a founding member of the APC based on the merger that came in to be which led to the ruling party.

“I happened to be a key member of the CPC not only being a member but a flag bearer of the party in 2011 governorship election in Kaduna State.

“I played a vital role in APC as a dominant player but the activities of the party in the state has left so much to be desired. Because of that, all effort that we have made to see that things changed has being in vain.

“some of us are not being considered as members of the party. Whatever we said seem not to be listened too. Whatever we asked for is never considered.

“Indeed the party has chosen to look at the members differently. Whatever is being done today is only to certain section of the party and a party is not run like that. ‎Party is supposed to be for every member and members have an equal space to contribute.

“Since that is not the case, then I don’t think I should be part of it now this is why I withdrew from the party.

“The party in Kaduna had a lot of crisis and there has been no positive move to address the crisis. I have given my contribution on the way forward many times but never any action taken.

“It had gotten to a time where party couldn’t hold meeting until directed to hold meeting and Haruna Sa’eed will not be seen as significant enough to be invited. I was not even considered to be a stakeholder in Kaduna State.

” I was part of the people that formed this party, up to being a flag bearer of CPC. ‎But still this party didn’t consider me a stakeholder. Again , the Party has no leadership in the state which we have been talking over and over again.

” We are not taken this decision simply to draw attention. If a party worth itself it should be able to identify those members who significantly contributed to the growth of the party”, he said.

Going forward, he said, ” today I have formally joined the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and have just picked my membership card from my ward. I will make myself available for any position the party will consider me fit for in 2019.

“I however know that things are not going on well in the state and the need to effect a positive change cannot be overemphasised. The APC in the state has failed to keep to his promises but have instead inflicted more pains and sufferings on her citizen, and this has to change.

The SDP State chairman, Hassan El-Adamu and Deputy National organizing Secretary Hon. Alex J. Baidi were among those who received him amidst funfare.