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Nigeria Civil Servants Can Retire Into Riches – FEDCOOP



Leadership Nigeria News Today

Nigerian civil servants can shape their own future, destiny and retire to a world of riches, peace and comfort, the president, Federal Civil Service of Nigeria Cooperative Union (FEDCOOP), Comrade Onjefu Obe, has said.
In his address to mark the 2018 International Cooperative Day, Obe said they want to tell Nigerians and those doubting Thomases and skeptics that Nigeria is a place where everything is possible for the civil servants.
“The civil servants of this country can shape their own future and destiny and retire to a world of riches, peace and comfort if they are serious with cooperative.”
“The fundamental mission of FEDCOOP is to create an alternative source of revenue generation and strong financial base and independence for its members,” Obe said while urging civil servants in the country to join co-operatives that help them.
“In co-operatives, there is delivery and provisions of united and purposeful products and services,” Obe said, adding that with the vision to become the most viable body through which the federal government of Nigeria and bodies can provide and deliver cooperative products, civil servants must have confidence in the system.