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Reasons Why You Struggle With Weight Loss



It can be very frustrating when you put so much effort in the gym, try to “eat right”as much as you can and the results seems to be opposite of all you hoped for. Sometimes it starts to look like the more you workout, the more weight you gain.i would be giving you reasons why ad the solutions to such problems.

  1. Alcohol

Aside the fact that it will destroy you effort at gym, Alcohol is very much known to have many deleterious effect such as diminished performance, mental impairment, possible addiction, diabetes and liver disease just to name a few. Alcohol as only fewer calories than fat, which is nine per gram. Since it has no nutritional benefits ,it just convert to fat in the body. It is also known to be an appetite stimulating effect causing you to consume more food than you would normally eat. Love yourself, Cut it out.

  1. Lack of sleep

Sleep is major key in losing weight because this is the time your body gets to repair broken down and worn out tissues. A lack of It will distabilize your body system, leaving you more tired and less motivated to workout. When your body is sleep deprived, it suffers from “metabolic gogginess”. The term was coined by University of Chicogo researchers who analysed what happened after just four days of poor sleep- something that commonly happens during a busy late night at work leads to two late nights at home, and next thing you know, you’re in sleep debt. Within just four days of sleep deprivation, your body’s ability to properly use insulin (the master storage hormone) becomes completely distrupted

  1. Food content

Its not the amount of food you eat, it is the content of the food that makes the difference. Avoid processed food and food with high fat content, soda, food with high sugar and salt content. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fruits , vegetables, naturally grown and unpreserved food.