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Nigeria Music Industry Today Doesn’t Support Upcoming Artistes – Kashcoming



Ashiru Okekayode, popularly known by his stage name Kashcoming, started singing at age of 13. In this interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, the Afro Pop, Afro dancehall and Hip hop artiste believes his talent is second to none.

How do you get your funding, do you have a partner?

At the moment I am Self-funding myself. It’s been good and everyone hearing my music has been supporting and spreading the good sound. I really appreciate everyone doing that and keep supporting good music.

What is music to you?

Music is Life

Tell us about your genre of music and the motif for taking to the style.

Afro Pop, Afro Dancehall, Hip hop. These are the genres that give me joy when I make these kinds of music. Yung6ix, Burnaboy, Meek Mill, Wande coal are my motivators.

As an upcoming artiste, what does someone like you need to break into the industry?

I believe with a sponsor I can get there. I believe with that I can spread my music and let everyone know.

Tell us about your songs

I started professionally with ‘Check Tha Balance’, a song by my crew ace, featuring Demmy & I, which gave me a bit of a ground and status in high school. I just dropped my new single featuring Danny vibes July 1, 2018 Titled “NormalNormal”  It basically means “positivity”, when things are going good or according to plan, good vibe and the likes.

What is the basic difference between your song(s) and others we’ve been hearing?

Actually, the whole term came from my friend, Oke. Anytime we talk to him, he’s always just like, saying ‘Normal Normal’ really casually, so it just kind of stuck with everyone. And then some days later I’m up in the studio with Demmy Jones recording a potential hit track and I told him about the idea, he came up with a beat in like half an hour, he played a beat for me and I was just flowing with the rhythm saying random words vibing to the beat with the slang “Normal Normal”, rhyming and having fun with the beat. We did the track straight up. But after hearing the playback, I knew the song was an instant hit if I put in more effort which I did feature Danny Vibes and here we are today

How do you get your song and what mood can you be to drop one?

Sometimes I get music stocked in my head, whenever this happens I always try and bring out I mean I’m always able to do that in the studio

Which song(s) are you promoting now?

At the moment I am promoting my new single featuring Danny vibes “NormalNormal”

What message do you carry in your songs?

I try and let people know what’s going on in the society. I give people what to vibe with, let people know hard work pays off and sometimes I express how I’m feeling in my music. My Vibe is different because I’m of the new wave. I’m bringing new sound to the industry and I can’t wait to show it to the world

What record label are you signed under and what is the relationship?

I’m not currently on any record label.

There is this common occurrence with younger artiste today and with their management, they always want to leave when they have gotten a bit of fame. What’s your opinion about that?

I don’t really know how to express what other artistes are going through with their managers, but I’m human. When two or more people working together disagree that can happen it’s not just about the fame it’s about the music.

What’s your take about the Nigerian music industry of today?

The Nigeria music industry today isn’t really giving chance for upcoming artiste to put out their music.

Where do you see yourself in the in the next two years?

In the next  two years I see my music making a difference to Nigeria, Africa, and to the world

What is your advice to young artistes like yourself?

I will advise young artistes like me to keep pushing and doing the good music.





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