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S’Africa Tourism, Consulate General, UN, Celebrate Mandela’s Centenary



..says Mandela preached good Leadership in Africa

Former South African President and respected globally symbol of apartheid and all forms of racism, a great icon and hero of African liberation, Dr. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is said to have lived a life that often preached good Leadership and peace within Africa and behold.

While celebrating the demised icon who would have turned 100 years should he had been alive. The centenary with the theme “Be the Legacy” alongside the word finding the Mandela in me revealed that Mandela while he was alive lived a life not for himself but for others too says Mandela was a selfless man, an activist political prisoner, husband, father, statesman and a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Speaking at a press briefing held in Lagos by the South Africa Tourism to mark the 100 years of Mandela the Consulate General of South Africa in Lagos, Mr Darkey Africa said “this year’s Nelson Mandela International Day will mark the centenary of Nelson on July 18 since the United Nations General Assembly in 2009 declared the date as Mandela day.

Darkey expressed that Mandela fought for his fellow man because prison bars could not prevent him from continuing to inspire his people to struggle and sacrifice for their liberation.

He said, Mandela during his existence preached peace because he was a peacemaker despite of his suffering, he further preached peace even after his return from the prison. Mandela life showcase a symbol of freedom and reconciliation, an icon representing the triumph of human spirit.

The consul General reiterate that during Mandela’s lifetime he did not only dedicate himself to struggle of the African people but with his humility and his spirit of forgiveness he captured hearts and inspired people all over the world.

He then urged Africans never to let Mandela struggle of his victory and freedom be in vain because Mandela never discriminates he stood for children because he was a lover of children, he stood for both young and old regardless of the tribe or whatsoever. So everybody must live the legacy Mandela stood for.

Darkey added that the mission is collaborating with the Mandela gardens in Asaba, Delta State to plant new five trees to add to the ninety five to make a total of hundred trees in the garden and will as part of 67 minutes charity work, handover food parcel at an orphanage in Asaba. Again, it will also participate in the United Nations association of Nigerian at the freedom park in Lagos to clean the premises.

Representative of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), Roland Kayanja said “the problem of Africa is Leadership and Mandela’s life gives us opportunity to talk about it because we need Mandela’s selfless type of leader.

Meanwhile, you know we can not say we stand for freedom when people are living in poverty and as part of remembering Mandela’s effort and selfless service to humanity, Mandela fought against poverty and the freedom of the nation. But today Africa has now become the headquarters of poverty.

“In other to fight this menace called poverty we need to remind everyone in this and use this platform to fight poverty. Mandela was really against poverty because fighting poverty was one of the thing he stood for. Africans needs to emulate Mandela’s lifestyle that is the kind of life he lived while he was alive. Mandela stood for strength.

Roland further said that if China could at least elevate a huge number of poverty within their nation why can’t African countries do much more so I believe if we can reason together and fight against this menace called poverty Africa would not be referred to as the headquarters of poverty. We all must stand as Mandela did during his lifetime and selflessly make Africa a better place to live because we all need a fundamental change.