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8 Style Commandants Of Pregnancy Fashion



Pregnancy is often characterised by extreme joy and major body changes for every woman. For the pregnant fashionista, this major body changes opens up a whole host of style challenges and dilemmas that can cause teary meltdowns and insecurity. The daunting task of dressing the bump isn’t helped by the society’s take on maternity fashion as dowdy and all things oversized. Fortunately the new crop of pregnant fashion influencers and designers has made things easy for the twenty first century mama by literally slaying the maternity stereotype, thereby creating a new kind of pregnancy or maternity fashion. Now longer are maternity dresses ill-fitting or dowdy in drab colours. The new pregnancy fashion features all things bright, form fitting, chic and ultra comfortable. The trick is finding your style comfort zone when pregnant and sticking to it.

Navigating the minefield of pregnancy fashion is easy if you obey the following pregnant fashion commandments while shopping your new wardrobe or choosing .

•Buy nothing for as long as possible: Understanding that pregnancy and the obvious body changes that comes with it is transient is key to shopping for just a few key pieces to accommodate your growing size. Each trimester comes with new body sizes and changes so wait till almost the last minute to buy a size higher. You don’t have to buy a new wardrobe if you don’t want to, styling a the pieces in your existing wardrobe will take you far.

•Supremacy of Comfort; comfort Reigns Supreme: Ignore the ‘slay mamas or sexy preggy’ posts on instagram and or social media. In dressing your bump, your personal comfort is supreme. If you are super comfortable in figure hugging stretch dress then by all means buy it; if not, go for the maxi minis, boyfriend tees or oversized dress shirts. Pair with sneakers, low or high heels. Your ultimate comfort is your style priority.

•Wear skirts higher up on your waist: to avoid looking awkward or funny looking, wear your skirts higher up, specifically at under your bust-line and voila!

•Full-on athleisure: stretchy, comfy and so versatile. What better excuse to live in your comfy yoga pants or stretchy leggings than when pregnant.

•Dress your curves or silhouettes: being pregnant is no excuse to be dowdy, as long as you comfy , choose stretchy dresses or Lycra fabric to dress and accentuate your profound new curves/bump.

•Belt it: belt a dress to give yourself a waist again. A great way to look stylish and ultra chic or cute when pregnant is to belt. When belting remember that your new belt or waist line is below your bust line and not under your bump or middle of your protruding belly.

•Save your maternity clothes: Once you give birth, don’t throw out all those fab preggy fashion pieces you invest in. Store them because you just may be taking this journey again sooner than you expected.