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Golf: IBB Ladies, Force To Reckon With — Adeojo



Christie Eleojo Adeojo’s career as amateur golfer spans 21 years. She is a competitive player and winner of countless laurels. Christie was also the past Lady Captain of IBB International Golf and Country Club between 2005 and 2006.

Her golf philosophy is to keep the swing as simple as possible, developing strong fundamentals and swing skills, and using the brain as the major tool in the development of these skills. She is an advocate expert in the theory of the “Double Connexion”, a mental discipline used on the PGA tour.

Christie is a passionate golfer and promoter of the game, who’s interest is to catch them young and expose them to the ideals of the game of golf.

The Kogi born amateur golfer is thrilled that an annual children golf clinic targeted at students she initiated 13 years ago is being sustained by subsequent Lady Captains after her.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP Sports during the official tee off of the 2018 edition the clinic at the IBB Golf Club, she said the programme which she started as one day event had remained a permanent feature in the Ladies calendar of the IBB International Golf and Country Club.

“The history of the IBB Ladies ‘annual summer golf clinic’ is that when I was the Lady Captain of the club about 13 years ago, I started the initiative but not as big as it is now.

“Then it was a day event where we gathered children to expose them to the game of golf by teaching them the ideals, attributes and values of the game. It was huge a success and we decided that it should remain a permanent feature in the Ladies calendar every year, and we are not regretting that decision.

“The subsequent Lady Captains have done well in sustaining the programme and this year particularly, you can see the huge crowd that registered to participate in the clinic. I am sure in the course of the three weeks that the programme would last; we would have more children coming to enjoy themselves by partaking in the clinic.”

She said the essence of the summer clinic is to inculcate social skills into the children and make them better citizens in the society. “The essence of it is not just to take the children out of the house to let their parents rest, but to allow inculcate in them social skills like golf. Golf is life we say, so things like accountability, transparency, friendliness and sportsmanship are some of the ideals we want to inculcate in the children. So, as they grow, they would grow with it and of course, the larger society would be better for it.

“Every year we bring in new innovation and I know for instance, this year the present Lady Captain is introducing competition between schools. Competition is good and the spirit of sportsmanship that would be inculcated in the children is going to help a whole lot in other aspects of life.

“My biggest achievement in golf is this children’s clinic. I started it and we also brought our women, ladies to play and appreciate the game of golf. I am also a golf apostle and talk to people about golf everywhere I go.

“I am passionate about golf because it is good for your body and your mind. When you play golf you are not only recreating your body, you have a lot of metal carbon sweat away. You can’t play golf and not be a better person”, she stated.

She described Nigerian women golfers as force to reckon with in West Africa, saying the Ladies Section of the IBB International Golf and Country Club has brought more fame to the club than their male counterparts.

“Golf is something that once you enter it, you would want to stay there for the rest of your life. I have  been playing golf for the past 21 years. I played well and enjoy every round of golf.

“In the IBB International Golf and Country Club, the women are not pushover. In fact, we have put the club in reckoning more than the men. I am not saying the men are not trying, but we ladies try harder to be noticed. Every year we were adjudged the section that has brought more fame to the club.

In West Africa, Nigerian women golfers are the best, undoubtedly. Every year we invite female golfers from other West Africa countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Uganda and other nationals to come and to play with us and they respect us. We have a strong team in Africa.




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