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Black Magic, Lemi Ghariokwu, Others Eulogise Fela Kuti



Indeed the legendary Fela lives on as Thursday, August 2 was the twenty-first anniversary of his demise.

The singer and revolutionary had garnered a string cult folloershop across the globe on account of not only his music but his bravery and belief in the emancipation of black people.

Music artiste, Black Magic in a TV program at MTV Base channel said that Fela lived and died like Jesus Christ because he was misunderstood and suffered for his Faith and now the whole world celebrates him. Lemi Ghariokwu who was his friend, protege and album jacket designer noted that Fela’s 21st year of his death will be widely celebrate even at Felabration with the theme ‘Overtake Don Overtake Overtake’. “I learnt a lot from Fela and discovered my existence on earth working with him. He was a leader and I read from his books and drank from his words of wisdom. I can’t trade that for anything,” says the visual artist.

A phone in program by broadcaster, Jimi Disu on Talk Radio 91.3fm,  brought emotions to callers who were asked to talk about Fela and where they were when he was being buried in Lagos.

The music world has been impacted by the genius and wizardry of Fela’s music.



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