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All Blending Party, Platform for Nigerian Youths-Hon. Moses Godia Shipi



The National Chairman of All Blending Party, (ABP), Hon. Moses Godia Shipi has made a passionate call for all youths to join force with the party and wrest power from the older generation thus changing the hegemony and status quo, while moving the country forward.

He charged the youths to desist from been used as political thugs, genuinely participate in the electoral process so that our country can be part of the wind of change going on globally.

He said, “Youths are the bedrock of every society. Youths are supposed to constitute the larger percentage of the workforce in an ideal situation and in countries where their systems are working, there is a common saying that ‘Youths are Leaders of tomorrow’ unfortunately Nigerian youths have waited for that tomorrow to come but to no avail.

“Over the years , most Nigeria youths are been used as electoral thugs who go after ballot boxes during elections and do all sort of counter- productive activities as directed by their aged principals who have been recycling themselves in power for decades and are not ready to relinquish power to the youths but rather to destroy their (youths)  future.

The National Chairman of All Blending Party, (ABP), Hon. Moses Godia Shipi

The National Chairman of All Blending Party, Hon. Moses Godia Shipi

Hon Moses lamented that sadly enough the youths have either not woken up from their slumber or do not have an enabling platform for genuine participation in politics and governance by extension.

“It is in this respect that God in his infinite mercies gave the Nigerian youths ABP. The mandate of ABP is to provide a platform for credible and eligible Nigerian youths to not only participate in politics but to contest for all elective positions, win elections & take over the leadership in governance. This can be seen demonstrated in the national leadership of All Blending Party ABP where the average age of the leadership is 40yrs”, he said.

He however called on the youths to seize the opportunity of ABP to actualise their political dreams and aspirations. He said, “Nigerian youths have been relegated to the background for too long, your tomorrow has come, ABP is offering you the platform, come and showcase your God given abilities to turn around the country for the better. It’s time to restore the honour and glory of Nigeria, this is our generation, posterity will judge us if we allow the future of this country to be destroyed now that we have a youth friendly platform. Take the bull by the horn, it’s a worthy cause All Blending Party is the platform to be.




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