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Ex-Police Boss Advocates Better Welfare For Officers



Worried by the frequent death of policemen without proper plan for the families, Commissioner of Police Lawrence Alobi (rtd) has called for better welfare for serving policemen.
Speaking at the official launch of the Haruna John Foundation, in honour of the former Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG Haruna John, who died in a plan crash over five years ago, Alobi, who lamented that the welfare of Police is not given the required attention by government also said that transfer allowances have become a thing of the past.
He charged police officers to always think ahead, plan ahead and work ahead in order to secure their future as they can no longer depend on government alone for their welfare.
Also speaking at the function, Major General Yakubu Usman (rtd), while lamenting the continued neglect of welfare of officers, decried the uncaring attitude of the government towards the families of deceased officers and called on government to take care of the families of the deceased officers.

He also called for the review of policies, where the families of the deceased officers are evicted from their quarters as soon as their spouse dies without proper plan as to where they would be sent to or how they can be taken care of.
On the reason for the foundation, the founder of the Haruna John Foundation and the daughter of the late Haruna John, Jennesse Haruna said, “Its political season and again the dignity and integrity of the forces are once again torn apart by politicians for selfish interests certainly not for the unity of our nation. Executive actions are taken to score cheap political points without proper consultations, alternatives or structure.
“But we cannot continue to exist like this as a nation when the sole aim of government is the security and safety of its citizens; law enforcement, justice and unity are the reasons why nations exist.”




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