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Dogara Laments Over Nigeria’s Deficient Education System



Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has lamented over the prevailing education system in Nigeria which he said has not enabled the youths to discover their talents and to effectively deploy such to their advantage.

According to him, education must be practical and goal-driven if our youths are benefit from the technology age, thus advocating for the overhaul of the curriculum as a key component to combating the present scorge of unemployment in the country.

He said this while addressing teenagers at the 2018 Teens Career Conference organised by The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Abuja.

Dogara said that in order to effectively combat unemployment in Nigeria, a different approach which focuses on self-discovery must be taken in educating young Nigerians.

He stressed the importance of self-discovery to attaining success and fulfilment in their chosen career paths, saying, “Education fundamentally is very good, but education and success are not synonymous. If that was the case, every educated person would be successful, but that’s not the case”.

The Speaker said that there are a lot of educated people out there that are hooked unto careers that are not giving them much in terms of success and happiness.

“Now unfortunately for us our educational system in this country, the one we inherited from our colonial masters is not tailored towards self-discovery, it cannot tell us who we are. It is tailored to enable you fit in the context of finding out what you want to do, go to work, close from work, earn salaries, raise a family, then you become a pensioner till you die. That is the tragedy of our educational system,” he said.

Dogara also spoke on the need to modify the education system in such a way that young people are trained with emphasis on providing jobs, adding that the Church also has a role to play in bringing about the required change.

“We have to change the narrative in this country, where instead of training employees, we are training leaders, because we have come to the time whereby government cannot continue to provide employment for our teeming populace in this country. We need to adapt as it’s done globally, to become entrepreneurs, those that will establish businesses that will employ 50, 100 people, and when we have that, unemployment will be a thing of the past,” he said.

The Speaker urged youths to look inwards in order to identify their God-given talents and identify their true purpose, vision and remain focused.

The lawmaker who held the teenagers at the venue spell-bound cited several instances in the Holy Bible to impress upon them on the need to dream of the future and to work hard to actualize one’s ambition.

Billionaire business woman and Africa’s richest woman, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija who was also a guest speaker at the event advised Nigerian youths to be ambitious and to always strive to actualize their dreams no matter the challenges on their way.

She said that dreams, determination, hard work and industry were some of the factors that propelled her to the present status.

Alakija trilled her audience when she told a story of her journey to apulence, particularly her legal battle to recover a lucrative oil bloc from being taken by the Federal Government.

She said told the youths that hard work, diligence and perseverance are needed for one to excel.

The oil mogul and fashion icon got the teenagers in a frenzy when she revealed her ambitious plan to become the first to own a flying ship.

According to Alakija, she had booked to purchase the new airplane built in form of a ship and which the manufacturers said will make its debut in five year’s time during her 70th birthday.



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