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Legal Practitioner File Suit To Disband SARS



A legal Practitioner, Bar Oleze Chidumebi Udenze on monday filed an application seeking an order of Mandamus compelling the defendants respondents to exercise the legal duty in line with their sworn allegiance to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and their oaths of office to disband the special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit of the Nigeria police force.

Bar. Oleze Udenze in his suit application said on the 12th of December, 2017 a coalition of civil society organizations released a report on acts of extra judicial, summary or arbitrary executions, torture intimidation, robbery, briganage and extortion of law- abiding citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by officers of the federal special anti-Robbery and Squad (FSARS)

According to him, the intimidation and torture of unsuspecting and law abiding citizens of Nigeria carried by the officers of the special Anti-Robbery SQUAD ( SARS) requires a timely response of the Nigerian government by way of a permanent solution which is to disband the outfit.

He expressed concerned that there is a duty imposed on Nigeria, under the government of the 1st Respondent, under national and international law to swiftly act on report of extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions in order to bring justice any persons who may have perparted them. Both section 33, 34, and 36 respectively of the 1999 constitutions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and articles 4, 7 and 5 respectively of the African Charter Human and Peoples Right (Ratification and enforcement

Udenze added that the failure of the respondents to forestore and provide a permanent solution to the continued acts of extrajudicial,summary or arbitrary executions, stealing, extortion, brigandage, on intimidation and torture carried out by officers of  SARS constitutes a grave violation of the constitutional duty placed on the Nigerian government to protect, defend,safeguard and fulfil its national obligations to protect lives of citizens.



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