The future of Nigeria is no longer bleak as the generation of future credible leaders gets bigger in the country as against the backdrop of what is happening in the leadership creeds of the country in recent times.

Before now, many unpatriotic persons  subjected the country to a state of mockery leading to a long chain of economic stagnation.

However, things are changing for the better now.

The shape of good things to come is becoming more manifest as we inch closer to yet another election year which provides opportunity for patriotic Nigerians to join in the struggle to elect credible leaders. In Adamawa state and in the North Senatorial district to be specific, this feat is amply replicated in the sustained struggle to represent the area in the upper chambers of the National Assembly where a committed leader, Ali Boya, is angling to give the zone the needed representation.

A leader born about four decades ago in the land of beauty (Adamawa state), in him are feats of leadership-naturally born leader, an individual with the right influence, inspiration, determination and self-discipline to become a solution not only in Adamawa State but Nigeria as a whole.

On 8th June, 1978, a genius was born amidst laughter and tears of joy in the family of Wakili Boya at Malabo, where they had Barr Aliyu Wakili Boya. A man that was earlier discovered by elders in Malabo is going to rewrite the history of Adamawa and to bring solutions to  generations yet unborn.

Having undergone both the Islamic and western education with flying colours. Ali earned his first Degree in Law from the University of Maiduguri and proceeded to the Abuja Law School for the completion of his academic stride as a Barrister.

Young Ali took his law management skills to the business community, where he excelled in little time, resulting in a globetrot mark for him. Which in turn aided his business experience and political exposure.

Young Boya’s pre and post teenage activities are laced with classic political reach and giving comfort to the less privilege. It was therefore not surprising when the district head of Malabo recognised his greatness and decided to crown him with the special traditional title of ‘SARDAUNAN MALABO’.

It is well to personified that the SARDAUNA title in all ramifications links to his selfless service to the people of Adamawa and beyond.

Like the proverbial lion that’s not afraid to face the impossible and take the maximum risk,  Ali contested election into the House of Representative in his constituency,losing out by giving his opponents a tough contest and the incumbent won the election by a narrow margin. It is at this junction that his political star began to shine among the contemporary politicians of his time.

Ali believes that no matter which ethnic group, race or religion we may belong to, our needs for help, acceptance and motivation remain the same across the globe. It is this believe that pushes him to continuously support and sponsor youths in education and all human endeavours across the state.

As a confirmation of his national political recognition, Wakili became the Senior Chief Legislative Aide to one of the most respected politician in the National Assembly,Senator Bello Tukur.

His steady growth in political activism delineated his honesty, doggedness, hardwork and political focus, and this sway on his relentless support for the present administration led by Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow – an icon of transformation in Adamawa state.

With the coming of APC on board, the elders of the party recognised his good leadership qualities,mounted pressure on him to contest for Fofure Local Government Area election, which he won by a lanslide. Making him the new head of the biggest LGAs in the state in terms of land mass and population. Knowing his political pedigree and credibility, the twenty one (21) LGAs chairmen in Adamawa state unanimously voted him as the chairman of Association of Local Governments in Nigeria (ALGON), a position his age wouldn’t have given him but wills and political maturity does.

Assuming office as the executive chairman of Fufore LGA is business as usual for this great man, in his two years of stewardship in office, the people of Furore felt the impact of his positive adminsitration as he turned around the fortunes of the area through progressive project and human developmental initiatives.

Ali had carved a niche for himself as a man of the people, a leader who has the best interest of his people at heart.

Having a steady focus of his political radar and his natural call of service to humanity.Boya widen up his philanthropical to the people of Adamawa central comprising of Hong,Gombi,Song,Girei,Yola North, Yola south and Fufore. Of recent he distributed over 3,200 bags of fertilizers to All Progressives Congress (APC) loyalists across the Central Senatorial district and paid for WAEC and NECO fee of some less privileged students including the disabled.

His people centred style of leadership has accrued unto him many awards from difference organizations in and outside the country. He is presumed to have a dynamic Political life style who has emerged in the changing times of Adamawa state,whose political vibrancy and keen love of humanity had touched the heart of HRH Lamido of Adamawa, Dr Mustapha Aliyu Barkindo to crown him with the Honourable traditional tittle of “SARKIN MATASAN ADAMAWA EMIRATE “.

The tittle “Sarkin matasa” implies Man of the people, lover of people, servant of the people,a voice to the voiceless,a Man who is loved by his people and the youth front ruler (Jagaba).

Many are looking and counting on him to be the number one man to join hands with the Executive Governor of the state for the continual revival of Adamawa state from total collapse as a result of bad governance from the previous administrations. And plans are in motion to achieve this desired objective in 2019 as voices has since echoed out on him to go and be a voice of the masses at the National Assembly as a senator hopeful to represents the good people of Adamawa central zone.

This is found in him,  the  power to inspire people in all walks of life, a great gift that’s rarely seen on people. Great orators can and do change the world through simple words of honesty. They can speak simple and fundamental truths for all people and for all time. But it is not enough to simply convey a vision; you have to make firm politic decisions and get things done to realise that vision. This is exactly what Sardaunan Malabo has done all his political life.

–Garba Writes From Jimeta Yola, Adamawa State

For Ali Wakili it’s a story of how a man was groomed to be a selfless leader with an innate ability and concerted effort to reach that height. Neither quality on its own lead to that glory, it is his sheer believe in both nature and nurture with the power of nature primarily influential during his childhood years.

I have no doubt in my mind that Aliyu Barr Wakili Boya,the the Sarkin Matasa is out to redefine development and make history in Fofure Local Government Area,  Adamawa state and Nigeria as a whole.

I am not trying to paint Sardaunan Malabu as a saint without any flaws. He had his own shortcomings too, after all to err is only human. There are a few things he did that could have been done in a better way. But if you are looking for a person close to perfection in politics and humanity, look no further than Barrister Aliyu Wakili Boya. He is really for the changing times.

–Garba Writes From Jimeta Yola, Adamawa State