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Abia Central: The Difference Between Ochendo And Nwaogu



It is so shameful that people who are expected to be role models reverse the digit and learn from people they should be remodeling and mentoring. Take for instance; youths and the other younger ones who should learn from elders, the upper-class and the privileged but the trend now, especially in politics is that the expected urbane now endorse the unethical, adopting rough tactics and thuggery into their modus. Even in boxing and wrestling, show of strength and bravado are reserved for the boxing and wrestling rings, only some tough talking is allowed outside the ring. Rough talks and street languages when employed by principals can easily goad some followers into negative actions resulting in violence and dangerous brawls that could have been avoided. Political aspiration is no crime; at least it is guaranteed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria but there are set rules and regulations for the game.

Mrs Nkechi Nwaogu had served terms in the National Assembly, one as a representative and twice as a senator. Such exposure should have at least imbued in her, the manner and norms of public speeches and presentation of her case without resorting to insults, blackmail and mudslinging. ‘I will use APC broom to sweep Orji out of the Senate,’ Said Nkechi Nwaogu, a subtitle on page 5 of the Nation of Sunday, Aug 19, 2018. An aspirant has a lot of job to do-selling his or herself to the electorate. It should be more of manifesto, a sound record of achievements where possible, intended programs that will benefit the constituents and citizens in general. ‘Her problem is basically sociopsychological’ said a psychologist. If you do not have any good thing to say about yourself, it is a natural tendency for the less achieving to say evil against an opponent- a mere inferiority complex. There lies the problem as Senator Orji’s achievements are too many for harebrained Nwaogu to counter. Not too long ago, one APC upstart who long ago has burnt all his political bridges, proclaimed his intended feeble blows on Senator Orji. In a press release, we advised him to clinch the ticket first before bothering about Senator Orji.

Now again, Mrs Nkechi Nwaogu, a former three term member who society expected to have acquired some etiquette embarked on aggressive loquacity to the chagrin of the civil society. From all indications, it is now manifest that Senator Orji is the nightmare of all APC aspirants and in an unwritten code, anyone who dreamt of clinching the APC ticket must show evidence of his or her ability to roughen Senator Orji to prove their mettle. Our advice to them is to avoid this spawning and work hard for the ticket which will qualify them for the unavoidable defeat. Instructively, elections are won by votes and the electorates of Abia Central will speak with a deafening voice in favour of Ochendo who has given a good account of himself in the senate with multiple bills, motions and presentation of petitions of his constituents. The last we heard of Nkechi in 2015 after her uneventful 12 years in the National Assembly, was her guber ambition in defiance of the equity standard entrenched by Ochendo as Ossisioma, her LGA, was out of the political calculus.

Now that she moots a senatorial ambition, does it mean that she doesn’t know what she wants, running from pillar to post? Mrs Nwaogu who in her analogy of a woman who married two different men and knows the better of the two, may have been economic with the truth as that for which she is remembered mostly is hounding her home constituents with police in the bid of recovering motorcycles given out and later, unabashedly changed into loans. Ingratitude may be Nwaogu’s forte as Senator Orji had come to her rescue on many occasions, especially one of the last when a legal tussle with another aspirant nearly engulfed her. Her people of Osissioma are waiting for her to fulfill her promise on Umuocheala/Ariaria Road. More awaits her if she continues this inglorious refrain. Onuzuruike writes from Abuja.




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