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Strengthening Postal Relations Between Nigeria And India



The advent of modern communication technologies saw some obsolete means of communication becoming obsolete.

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) was one of the organisations in the country that suffered setback in its services due to the emergence of modern digital communications. To meet up in the highly advanced competitive market, it restructured its services to offer improved goods and services to its customers.

The postmaster-general, Bisi Adegbuyi, said NIPOST was set to roll out one of its numerous new products, the electronic money order that would enable customers in both rural and urban communities to transfer and receive money across the country.

He spoke when he received the Indian high commissioner to Nigeria, Bien Reddy, saying NIPOST would build greater bilateral cooperation with India in postal services.

Adegbuyi explained that the old service had become moribund given the advent of modern communication technologies hence the decision to replace the service with a digital product that would meet the need of modern times.

“Because we are diversifying our products and services, India has some products that are similar to ours, one of which is the electronic money order which we have conceived to replace the old postal order.

“The product is doing well in India. I visited India two months ago and we decided that it would be important for us to send some of our staff in the financial services department and the ICT to enhance their capacity building.

“We are done with all the necessary background work. Because it also has to do with the technology requirement of Universal Postal Union, it required some time before they could integrate us.

“We have now been integrated. We are ready to go live. As I’m talking to you, everything is in shape. We have tested our technology infrastructure. Our operational readiness is in top shape,” he said.

He added: “Our electronic money order, especially the domestic aspect of it is unique. The UPU therefore had to configure new technology for it. That is why it took them some time. We are used to international money order but what we are introducing in NIPOST is domestic money order to take the place of the old postal order.

“We are really in for exciting times because our desire to diversify and innovate is actually paying off. A lot of innovations are coming up. This Friday, we shall have a stakeholders’ conference that would herald our digital addressing system.”

Earlier, Reddy said the objective of the visit was to look at the possibility of greater cooperation between NIPOST and Indian Post as the largest network in the south.

“There are many areas I think there can be collaboration, even as Nigeria and India are both members of the Universal Postal Union and the postmasters of our two countries do collaborate.

“Bilateral capacity building programmes, we have areas where the government of India is sponsoring short training programmes for improving the capacities of various areas, which are supporting the main departments.

“My country is offering Nigeria the opportunity for its staff to benefit from the training, to improve their capacities,” he stated.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that India and Nigeria have had 60 years of diplomatic engagement and both are colonies of Britain.