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Nigeria’s N/West Will Dominate West Africa Agricultural Sector – Shinkafi



Former governor of Zamfara State and a frontline aspirant for the same position under the All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated that Nigeria’s North West could irreversibly dominate the agricultural sector the sub-region in 5 years.

According to Alhaji Shinkafi, the North West of Nigeria has all the potentials to dominate  the agricultural economy of the region if new sciences were applied to agricultural production in tandem with intensification of agro-allied industrial projects.

The former governor made the remark while discussing after picking up the nomination at the national secretariat in Abuja, insisting that agriculture and agro-industrialization were the catalyst for the sustained economic liberation of the Northern region.

Alhaji Shinkafi further said that a ” new dawn was emerging on the horizon of Zamfara”.

The governorship aspirant specifically told the  youths and the hundreds of unemployed in the crowd that Zamfara State under a Shinkafi’s  administration will be irreversibly committed to creating massive and gainful employment.

“We are formidable with experience as we prepare for the future, we know those areas where we have natural comparative advantages to build a solid national and international agro-allied industry that will benefit the majority of Zamfara people” Alhaji Shinkafi declared


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