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Abia: Between TA Orji And Alex Otti



Mr Chuks Akammadu on Saturday, September 1, Thisday Newspaper, page 12, demonstrated that some people can hate with vigour, they are so insatiable and will never change no matter your efforts to please them. Chuks painted Alex Otti in bright colours extoling his reloaded guber quest, captured in his declaration at Ngwa High School, which he titled, ‘The Alex Otti quit notice.’ Otti is an individual, an arrogant aspirant who counted his chicken before it hatched, his ambition inebriated and beclouded him beyond sound and ethical reasons.
Unknown to many, Chuks Akammadu once enjoyed a robust relationship with an administration in Abia which fell apart due to his greed and envy and since then, Chuks has refused to see anything good in any TA Orji-related activity. Unfortunately for him and from available evidence, his hatred for Senator Orji cannot change anything preordained by God. Obviously, it cannot change the good fortunes and God’s guidance of T A Orji, his family and the entire Abia. For sure, his myopic views and evil utterances, whether couched in flowery prose or apt poetry, cannot squelch the already established goodwill in Abia administration. Akamadu’s evil writs are not new. He wrote in 2014 sulking like a deprived child and grumbled like a jealous wife but it did not change anything as Senator Orji moved ahead, handing over to an Abia favourite, the present governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and by this act, balanced the Equity Calculus among other political gains too glaring for the blind to see. The likes of Akammadu are not new anyway, his associates will not be stopped in the blink of an eye, it is like the saying that the dogs will keep barking and the caravan will keep moving.

Some months before Otti’s declaration, which Chuks has magnified to mammoth proportions, a superior event took place in the same venue. The Ukwa na Ngwa people, a stoic cultural aggregation, gathered in their numbers and threw a historic party titled ‘thank you Party’. This was a resplendent feat of gratitude to the Senator for insisting on Equity and further resoundingly made a declaration of a second tenure endorsement. In that great gathering was an amalgam of nine local government areas, so, which is greater in number and acceptance?
Otti’s personal effort through the scraggy platform of a diminishing minority party domiciled in one state, with scanty National Assembly presence in the form of elected legislators, may not see him through this high ordeal that nearly engulfed him in his last attempt. It could only be likened to a lone tree aspiring to make a forest. Unarguably, Otti’s declaration is only a whisper compared with Ukwa na Ngwa’s loud and resounding affirmation. Politics is a game of numbers and I am sure that if Otti gets nine local government areas out of the total of 17 in Abia, he will realise his long dreamt office of the governor but he will not. His array of retreating soldiers and disgruntled lie-dyed remnants, who cannot see beyond the wool Otti pulled over their faces cannot lead him to the elusive Promised Land.

Otti tried his best in 2015 and his best was not good enough. He appeared to be a major general with the few adjutants he was able to poach from PDP like Chief Tony Ukasanya, Hon Damain Ozurumba and court bailiff turned lawyer, Ahamdi Nweke who later got into litigation with Otti. Where are these political adjutants today? They have all decamped and surrendered to the consuming PDP Force. Otti will not go beyond this height; any other thing is highly wishful only to make the likes of Chuks Akammadu happy. Chuks is said to be a lawyer but what manner of lawyer will disdain a court verdict and amplify the claims of a victory that never existed. The Otti he is rooting for exhausted all the legal solutions available going from a lower court to the highest which is the Supreme Court. He is a constituent of senator T A Orji, not even for once has he sent a bill or motion that will better the political lots of our people, the people he claims to love. He must have heard of Orji’s scholarship program targeted at 60 persons, 10 from each LGA annually. It is now moving to the fourth year, which adds up to a total of 240. Consider the multiplier effect and impact on their different families. Chucks wouldn’t as much thank or support his Senator. Many have received free eye surgeries in an eye clinic in Umuahia, much more his multiple, people-oriented bills and motions and other constituency projects all published in his scorecard.

In conclusion, let’s take this advice from Martin Luther King junior. ‘If a man is called a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all hosts of heaven and earth will pause and say there lived a great sweeper who did his job well.
No doubt Senator Orji did his job well as chief of staff, as governor and now senator and is still trudging politically.
Let us learn to live above clannishness, nativism and blackmail, which have attendant negative outcomes. No doubt, any of us who can aspire above personal ambition and goes for public good is more likely to triumph like our Senator of Abia Central.
– Onuzuruike writes from Abuja.





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