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I Don’t Like Being Second Best – Nuhu



Happiness Nuhu is from the Federal Capital Territory and is Gbagyi by tribe. She was born into the family of Mr Nuhu and Mrs Florence Yusuf in Nasarawa, Kaduna State-the third of their six children. She attended Samaru Primary School Kakuri and Federal Government College Malali. She later studied Estate Management at Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru. She has been in the business of hair making for about 11 years.

My name is Happiness Nuhu. I am from the Federal Capital Territory and Gbagyi by tribe. I was born into the family of Mrs Florence Yusuf and Nuhu Yusuf on 18th April 1988 in Nasarawa, Kaduna State. I am the third of six children. I started my educational career as far back as 1995 in Samaru Primary School, Kakuri, Kaduna State, from there I proceeded to Federal Government College, Malali. After my secondary school education, I studied Estate Management, a National Diploma programme at Niger State Polytechnic, Zungeru. I have been in the business of hair making for about 11 years now and I am the sole owner of Kakcy Bold Beauty Salon with employees. My salon is located at Airport road, Abuja. I am also into make-up artistry to complement the business of hair making and this I learnt professionally through online videos. The business has enhanced my creativity as I get to learn new techniques to improve my skills daily and I can confidently say there is no limit to the types of hair I can make.

When did you start the business?
The passion for hair making began during my primary school days, then I used to make people’s hair at home when I got back from school. After my secondary education, I worked under a set of people as a stylist and was paid monthly, some time passed and I went solo. When I gained admission into school, I used my handwork to meet certain needs. In 2013, I became the owner of Kakcy bold beauty salon and I have trained about 15 ladies and they are doing very well in their businesses today.

What is your driving force?
There is nothing more pleasurable than doing what I enjoy. Over the years, passion and determination have kept me going and I’m confident that with God on my side, I can only aim and soar higher. There is also a unique joy that comes from making others look and feel beautiful. My job description basically is hair stylist and make-up artist, but that feel of good sensation is not the only perk I get in the business, as there are other bonuses that come along with it.

Who taught you?
I honestly cannot say because I just found out that I could naturally make hair. I would say it is a gift from God.

Your mentors
Bold and Beautiful Salon at Wuse is where I got the name of my business. It has impacted me in many ways. It has also made me more focused on my work.

Your inspiration
My late mother and the salon I worked at earlier in life had a lot to do with building and pushing me to aim for the sky.

I love to run and dance during my spare time as well as sing while making hair.

Secrets of your success
The invisible hand of God, passion, hard work, consistency and continuous prayers are the major things that keep me in check.

I want to keep the fire burning so that someone somewhere will not get me out of business by being the best.

One of my biggest achievements is being a boss of my own. I had to learn how to manage the business, my employees, equip myself with customer relations as well as how to balance accounts and manage my schedule. I am not just a pretty face, I am financially independent and my life is only as hectic as I’d like it to be.

Presently, the location for my business has been a cause of concern, as some people do not believe we are good at the hair making business because they see the area as local. There are times I have contemplated giving up but the passion will not let me be.

Memorable Day
The day I became my own boss. Initially, it was not easy, but today, I am enjoying the rewards of hard work and consistency. I believe every woman will want to be like me tomorrow. I believe every woman will want to inspire another.

I do not have any regrets whatsoever as I love what I do.

What sets you apart from competitors?
I have differentiated my salon from the traditional salon, I display products other salons don’t or which are only distributed to salons and this has a way of making my clients come back. I try as much as possible to develop a long-term relationship with my clients. I also take time in the morning to make my hair look best and my make-up excellent as no one will want to patronise someone with a bad hairdo or unkempt look. My prices are negotiable and affordable.

Future Plans
To have a bigger place, good and busy location that will increase patronage.

How do you balance business and family?
My family is aware of the business and they know I love what I do so they have been supportive through the years. Family does not suffer at the expense of business and vice versa.

Every woman needs to improve herself to be her own boss. I am here today, not because I want to be a stylist, since I studied Estate Management. I ventured into the business because there was nothing for me to do then and I would say this is an investment that has paid off. Women do not need to depend on any man to survive. Whether single or married, we need to assist our family financially. There are so many skills waiting to be explored or learnt, we should go out there and help ourselves. Handwork is very important for every woman. It is not just about having a talent, we need to put it to use. This has pushed me to learn make-up artistry, not because I went for training but because I chose to acquire the skill online. There are certain things we can do ourselves without being taught. Do not give anyone a reason to believe you want to survive through him or her. Today, I am independent; I do not ask my parents, siblings or anyone for money, rather, they ask me. I own myself, my business and I run it the way I want. Take that bold step like I did 11 years ago. Like what you do and do what you like if you want to be successful.




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