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PDP Presidential Hopeful Promises Better Life For Nigerians



A presidential hopeful of the People Democratic Party (PDP), Stanley Osifo says what Nigeria needs to get out of the present economic situation is a young, dynamic, vibrant and purposed driven leadership to address the challenges facing the country, saying if elected president he will reposition the economy and bring better life to Nigerians.

Speaking during a press briefing with journalists in Abuja, 42yrs old Osifo said he took the decision to seek the top job from his Lagos base because he believes as a Nigerian you can achieve anything you want to achieve, anywhere in Nigeria.

“I have watched overtime the situations facing the country over the years; and Nigerians are also witnesses to the inequalities that have pervaded our nation. I will say a lot of things are bedeviling Nigeria right now, some of which are national identity problems, hunger, killings, rising debt profile, unemployment etc. Nigerians are not happy with the current state of things, as a passionate citizen, that is what gave me the courage to see that a young person is needed to address these challenges.”

Osifo said if elected president, he will tackle issues in sectors of the economy like, security, health, infrastructures, unemployment etc. He also said through a programme called FEED – Follow, Engage, Experience and Launch, jobs will be created to tackle the alarming unemployment rate among youths.

“We will also focus on infrastructural projects that have potentials for job creation and inclusive growth. We will as well look at the political system with the objective of improving the political process. We will support and encourage young people to come into governance.

“Nigeria belongs to all of us, and not a group or set of people. We have been taken for a ride and for granted for too long. I believe the time has come for things to change and not continue to go down the way it is.”

According to the presidential hopeful, the world is tired of old hands, adding that at a certain age the human brain goes into menopause, hence the need for young people to rise and take up the mantle of leadership.