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Azman Aircraft Never Declared Any Emergency In Abuja – NAMA



The general manager, Public Affairs of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), Khalid Emele, has debunked media reports on Monday which claimed Azman aircraft declared emergency in Abuja.

In an official statement issued yesterday by the spokesman of the aviation agency, he stated that the attention of NAMA was drawn to a misleading report by an online medium to the effect that an Azman aircraft from Kano enroute Abuja nearly ran out of fuel while hovering in the air for over an hour as it was prevented from landing.

“The story went on that the pilot contemplated returning to Kano before passengers prevailed on him to land without clearance from the control tower.  We are constrained to set the records straight and put things in proper perspective for the benefit of the flying public. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is currently practicing for their display on 1st October and an airspace was designated for them. 

“All civil aircraft are held at a distance of about 20 – 30 nautical miles as military aircraft take off or land. The said Azman aircraft was held along with other aircraft in the course of separating traffic to ensure that the aircraft and their passengers land safely,” the statement further added.

Stating that the aircraft was given clearance to land, NAMA added “it is noteworthy to state that the Azman pilot did not declare any emergency. He was eventually given clearance by air traffic control to land when it was safe to do so.  The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency hereby assures the public of the safety of the Nigerian airspace,” the statement concluded. 





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