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Gospel Music In Dire Need Of A Reward System



Change they say is the only constant thing in life and in the gospel music industry in Nigeria, there is a need for a reward system that would celebrate musicians from the genre as gospel music in Nigeria makes giant strides.

With the trailblazing acumen and huge potential in the gospel music scene and by large, the Nigerian music industry, investors ought to fall over themselves at the feet of stakeholders wanting to develop the industry by celebrating music artistes.

But the contrary is what has transpired. Even as the number of reward systems- Awards is dwindling in secular music ditto, Nigeria Music Video Awards NMVA and even the challenge of sponsorship in HEADIES, the story is worse in gospel music.

Gone are the days when the music industry was bubbling with several awards and a larger percentage of music artistes were getting gratification and mileage for their works. Though some say, it is the nature and dynamism in music industry but entertainment gets its mileage from the economic situation of its people. When the nation soars, the people smile and are happy but when austerity and hardship comes by it begins to snow like flakes on a bewildered person.

More than twenty years ago, we had ‘Christian Music Awards’ founded by Ken Lawani and Isaac Apuchie. Others like ‘Karis Awards’ by Reverend Ekpenyong Bassey, FAITH Awards which held in 1993 did not seen the light of day after one or two editions of the award.   

Then came ‘Today’s Music Africa Awards’ founded by gospel musician, Faith Ajiboye in 1998. It held at popular MUSON Centre in Lagos. This award and others on account of a lot of factors only held once.    

Others like the Nigeria Gospel Music Video Awards NGMVA and Nigeria Gospel Music Awards NGMA championed by film producer cum director, Kingsley Omoefe and Crystal Awards after being held for some years did not get the right corporate body support and sponsorship. According to Mr Isaac Daniels popularlyknown as Mr Gospel, “A lot of factors made gospel music awards and their organizers not to continue hosting the awards. One of it is lack of branding and marketing drive from the organizers to continually attract the right sponsors. A lot of organizers think that because it is a gospel music award, it should be successful getting sponsor and support of churches. The professionals behind the awards don’t know better. Churches do not have an understanding of what it is to host and support awards that reward talent and hardwork, “ says Isaac Daniel in a phone chat.  Many have noted that gospel music and artistes celebrated by events like EXPERIENCE can only be as successful and enduring by the host and management behind it and how they can attract financial backing.

Presently, Music And Entertainment Gospel Awards MEGA by ace journalist Femi Akintunde Johnson FAJ remains the only music award and last year it could not hold as a studio award hosted by Ray Power FM sufficed.