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Diamond Bank: Boosting Excellent Service Delivery With Advanced Technology



In today’s competitive business landscape, digital transformation is imperative for banks to realise enhanced customer value. Diamond Bank is one of the banks at the forefront of driving customer experience through technology innovation.

In celebrating this year’s Customer Service Week, Diamond Bank is restating its commitment to always consider customer’s needs and continue to seek ways to improve overall customer experience by looking at critical issues that impact its customers, and seeking digital solutions to enable a more efficient customer experience.

Customer service week has become popular by the yearly celebration of patronage and brand loyalty to organisations across the globe. It started in the United States of America when the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) launched it in 1984 to underscore the importance of customer service and customers as the life-blood of corporate existence. It is now an International event that spotlights the customer, the people and processes that serve them.

Consequently, Diamond Bank said it is set to further enhance the experience of its customers by rolling-out series of rewarding initiatives to celebrate this year’s international Customer Service Week, which commenced on October 1 to end on October 5, 2018.

Speaking on the Customer Service Week, the head, Customer Experience and Engagement Centre of Diamond Bank, Michelle Nnoga said that the bank recognised the importance of the annual event and the contributions of its customers in making Diamond Bank a success.

She stated that customer service has been a core strategic focus for the bank, saying that the way the bank views customer service week is a little bit different.

She added that service is very generic in term of how people think about it, saying that “for us at Diamond Bank, we focus on customer experience and the various services offered to our customers. We are very strategic, deliberate and making sure that we are paying attention to the customers at every service points offered.

“For us at diamond bank customer services and customer experience is about efficiency, speed, convenience, and responsiveness across all the different touch points.”

According to Nnoga, there are a lot of activities lined-up for the week, customers will have an opportunity to win gem points on transaction carried on the bank’s channels, happy hours at its branches where we celebrate customers from a specific period of time, cakes and sweets, among others.

“We are also rewarding our Diamond Bank extra customers, we will be supporting the breast cancer awareness with our Diamond women and celebrating our internal customers, which are the staff of Diamond Bank, among others.

Head, Contact Centre of Diamond Bank, Ojiugo Emeruem added that what distinguish Diamond Bank from others is beyond the customers week, it is important to show love to those behind the screen, the staff who are providing these services are motivated by being recognised for their hard work in order to encourage them to be more passionate in serving and providing excellent customer services to the customers.

Speaking on the technology innovation used to improve customer service, Head of Operation, Diamond Bank, Alex Alozie said that “the bank has taken bold innovative steps, such as our enhanced mobile banking app experience, and our online chat-bot Ada, which has seen continued growth in use by our customers across board.”

He noted that “in consideration of our customer’s needs, we continuously seek ways to improve overall customer experience by looking at critical issues that impact our customers, and seeking digital solutions to enable a more efficient customer experience.”

He pointed out that “the customers using the USSD code *426# is more than those on the bank mobile app on a daily basis. In terms of number of transaction we control over 40 per cent of the industry market on that and that is unique.

“In Diamond Bank, we have what is called ‘service against all odd’, to satisfied and feel the customers. There is what we call back, from the contact centre customer is call to find out experience at banking hall but this is been done randomly due to the large customers the bank has in a day. This gives us an idea in improving on our services going forward. Above all, our service against all odd is taking us above all other banks in the industry.”

Emeruem also added that customers can contact us through calls, email, SMEs, livechat, social media, saying “for instance on social media platform, the contact service platform work-hand-in hand with customer service team to manage social media platform, we are able to response to customer within six minutes.”

According to her, the bank won most responsive customer bank on social media by the Africa commission bank benchmark report.

“As at today, Diamond Bank is the only bank in Nigeria that is not doing manual reconciliation, we have robot that alert us on customers’ complaints and we acted immediately.”

She said that the bank is using robotics and artificial intelligence to deliver superior customer experience.

Nnoga stated that as an institution that is customer-focused, Diamond Bank has set high standards and always aim for continuous improvement in its pursuit of excellence, saying that the bank will continue to celebrate its customers by offering them the very best in service delivery and lots of value-added solutions in a sustainable manner.

Diamond Bank is one of the fastest growing retail banks. Through innovation and technology, Diamond Bank enhances customer experiences and drives financial inclusion in what it calls ‘Beyond Banking’. Since the Bank was incorporated in December 1990, Diamond Bank has challenged the market environment by introducing new products, innovative technology and setting new benchmarks through international standards.