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Niger Delta Youths Defend Kachukwu Over Media Attacks



A coalition of youth groups in the Niger Delta region under the aegis of Coalition of Niger Delta Youth Leaders (CNDYL) has risen in defence of the minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachukwu, over the recent media attacks on the minister.

The groups include; Niger Delta Non Violence Youth Leaders Assembly, Niger Delta Ex Freedom Fighters, Niger Delta Ex agitators Forum,  Niger Delta Ethnic Nationality Youth Leaders, IYC and Niger Delta Youth Coalition for Peace and Progress.

An online media outfit had published that Kachukwu, allegedly claimed to be a First Class graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nzukka and the Nigerian Law School.

But the coalition, in a statement issued in Port Harcourt by its spokesman, Kennedy West, said youths in the Niger Delta region were proud of the minister.

West said: “We are absolutely proud of Ibe Kachikwu, who has been an inspiration to the youths. Shame to all those who conspired to do evil and to run down the amiable career he achieved through hard work. Who is after Kachikwu now? Who is envious of his outstanding performance as GMD (Group Managing Director) and now minister and his rising profile?

“The Kachikwu we know can never lie to impress anybody or to be what he’s not. A grade A product, who always excels in what he does. Those who want to run him down have failed woefully this time around, as their plans won’t work. Kachikwu is a man of impeccable character, upright, humble and God fearing and can not do such.

“We urge Kachikwu not to waste his precious time replying this faceless, cowards, whose stock in trade is to run people down. The story is baseless and unfounded and is not worthy to occupy any column.

“We advise mischiefs behind this story who cannot stand to face Kachikwu but seek to run down his high reputation for cheap political points to rethink and mend their ways. As the Bible says: Do unto others, as you’ll have others do unto you.

“We are aware that the region would have achieved more if he was allowed sufficient space in terms of decisions and delegations to addressing those thorny issues that ordinarily would bring succour to the people and attract scores from the people of the region as we draw near to the 2019 polls. His unblemished record is seen anywhere.  Kachikwu earned our trust and support. We urge the public to disregard the report.”