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My New Album Is A Life Changer – Lordswill Angulu



Lordswill Angulu, is a renowned Gospel artiste, whose song has changed the lives of many. The president, Gospel Artistes Association of Northern Nigerian (GAANN), FCT chapter, who is on a musical tour to some select media outfits, in this exclusive interview with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM, speaks on his new album, which is dropping on the 12th of August, GAANN and other issues.

Tell us about Lordswill Angulu after four years

Lordswill Angulu, for almost four years, has been under the radar in terms of production but not in terms of ministration. But he has been in the kitchen cooking something that would quench the hunger of the people and his teeming fans. So far, I am trusting God that on the 12th of August I will be releasing a brnd new album, 10-track audio-visuals which I have produced with about top five producers around the country. The video is directed by ESD, but I wrote all the songs.

You know, you are still doing very well as a gospel artiste when people invite you for programmes and shows…

I have been doing the work of God, going round the country from one concert to another. You know, for me to be receiving these invitations as special guest performer, it shows that my music is really at the peak.


In this album, I featured only Ozee. This is his third feature in my works. He’s a good rap artiste and I thought it right to bring him in to come complete the job. The video was shot in the airport and it is something everybody would love.


This is just like an internal dedication and launching of the album, restricted only to my church. Abuja mass concert would follow in September where other prominent gospel singers would join me. But this one for the 12th would be strictly me ministering all through.


The truth is that personal interest in the organisation has shaken the body, so for now, it is lying low. In fact, our national president got appointed as an SA to Plateau State governor. For now, I would say, the organisation is functional but not moving the way it should because of personal interest. As I’m speaking with you, I’m the president of Gospel Artistes Association of Northern Nigerian, FCT chapter. We are having one little problem, we find it difficult to operate in one voice. I don’t want to mention names here. But if today, another artiste comes and his songs are moving, the next thing is that he will set up a group, give it a name, print posters and start telling people that they are organising concert wherever they like. Because of this, anybody who thinks he has a sponsor or money, could just enter the studio, produce and promote it. I think it’s high time we came together and forged ahead because it’s proper to say we are working towards one goal and that’s heaven. We should leave a legacy that those coming after us would emulate. Most of the young artistes are not patient. When they receive one or two songs, they feel they are good enough to go to the studio to record. Everyone has his own time to shine. In this age, if your music is not good enough, it won’t go. You have to be entertaining, informative, educative and persuasive with your lyrics.

Style In The New Album:

This time around, I am coming out with a style people are not used to. I have RnB, Hiphop, Soul etc. The title track is “Daukaka” meaning God’s Glory. I also have another titled, “Yahweh”, which is a new style I came up with. People don’t know me with such style. I also have in the album, “Elohim”,”Na Sani” ,”Me Zakace” “Godiya” ,”Canzani” ,”I feel Nice” and “Abishidon”. I have three English songs in the Album. Everything we have and are belong to God. If you see people doing well today, that doesn’t mean you can’t do well tomorrow, because it is only God that has the power to give you anything you want in life. So, if you see someone prospering, don’t envy him or her, just wish them well and wait for your time.

Fans’ Expectation From The New Album:

One thing I am assuring my fans is that they will not be disappointed with this album and me. God has so intervened in this job that I am overwhelmed with the kind of reception it is receiving. This is just the sign of dedication, sincerity and hard work. They should expect good sound, good production, pictures etc. I used top producers from different states of the federation to produce this album. They are renowned and have worked topnotch. The album is marketed and distributed by Triple “ N” Enterprise.



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