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Exhibition Detailing History of Lagos Bar Beach Opens Soon



Ghosts of Bar Beach, a photography exhibition by Ade Adekola, detailing a post-documentary perspective history of the Lagos Bar Beach is set to open soon, at the Gallery 57, Lagos.

The exhibition is described as a post-documentary owing to the time interval between the shooting of the images and the creation of the remastered (remade) works. The images are memories of a colourful past, rather than the documentation of specific events; and is targeted at also examining contemporary artists handling nostalgia and memory.

“Bar Beach conjures up several objects of nostalgia from the 1500s with the naming of its environs as Lago du Curamo, to the 1800s with the British bombardment of Lagos, up to the 1970s where it was a place of spectacle of death,” said Gallery 57.

The exhibition, the gallery noted acknowledges the truncation of the Bar Beach’s long history as a beach, with the erection of the Eko Atlantic City, and presents in electrifying colours, the feelings of nostalgia and memories of the beach lost for good with the erection of that concrete development.

An internationally recognised and award-winning architect turned conceptual artist, Adekola’s work, explores the possibilities offered by digital photography. His interest in digital photography began during his several years as a resident in the Silicon Valley, USA, witnessing the dawn of the digital era and its impact on photography.

Since then, he has been engaged in experimental photography. However, returning to Nigeria in 2005, his creative emphasis shifted, as he began concentrating on creating elevated images that reframe and redefine the Nigerian cultural narrative. His photography is often viewed as performative art, as it refers to and creates vibrant memories of a time, questioning the boundaries between individual and collective experiences.

Ghosts of Bar Beach opens soon.





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