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Has The Nigerian Mutated?



I never gave any attention to the Darwin Theory of Evolution; you know the one that says we evolved from monkeys. Apparently billions of years ago, according to the theory of evolution, chemicals randomly organised themselves into a self-replicating molecule. This spark of life was the seed of every living thing we see today (as well as those we no longer see, like dinosaurs. In my research, I was looking out for dragons). That simplest life form, through the processes of mutation and natural selection, has been shaped into every living species on the planet. This is a whole lot of science grammar but the basic theory of evolution can be broken into three essential parts. Please bear with this brief science class, I am going somewhere with this.

It is possible for the DNA of an organism to occasionally change, or mutate. A mutation changes the DNA of an organism in a way that affects its offspring, either immediately or several generations down the line.

The change brought about by a mutation is either beneficial, harmful or neutral. If the change is harmful, then it is unlikely that the offspring will survive to reproduce, so the mutation dies out and goes nowhere. If the change is beneficial, then it is likely that the offspring will do better than other offspring and so will reproduce more. Through reproduction, the beneficial mutation spreads. The process of culling bad mutations and spreading good mutations is called natural selection.

·       As mutations occur and spread over long periods of time, they cause new species to form. Over the course of many millions of years, the processes of mutation and natural selection have created every species of life that we see in the world today, from the simplest bacteria to humans and everything in between.

When a friend forwarded this picture I thought of how apt it is. It hit so many nails on the head.

Unfortunately, censorship and our lenses force me sometimes to water down the punch in the message. Kindly feel free to fill in the blotted space in the picture. The ape in the cage is right- he “looks” nothing like his “relatives” and you would have thought that our jungle residing relative would be the one with the savagery. Alas.

Dear Kaduna is the news again. Kaduna State has imposed a 24- hour curfew following a string of killings, kidnaps,  more killings, more killings in a curfew all within the space of a week!

Going back to the simple definition of Theory of Evolution (by natural selection), I never thought I would see the day that I would wonder if indeed there was some truth to the theory because of the level of savagery, cold bloodedness, unconscionable actions taken, blood spilling and letting, lack of peace etc that we have now taken to regularly showing. It must mean that we have mutated from being human to maybe the next level in the evolution process and maybe this is why there have been a break in the evolution mutation transmission-As there hasn’t been an “Evolution” since we came along.

I cannot sound anything else apart from a broken record and so on the Kaunda crisis, here it goes. It is sad, heart wrenching, bewildering and shocking how Kaduna is now under lockdown because a group of people has decided that majority of the rest must be terrorised and traumatised. If you don’t call this a harmful mutation of who we are, then I don’t see what else will. As if this isn’t enough, instead of the mutation to die off (re: the theory), it multiplied!!!!! I am using Kaduna as the touch point. This relentlessness and senselessness as we know isn’t restricted to Kaduna.

We have become unrecognisable as members of the human tribe where we are taught to Value Human Life Because The One Who Created It Has Reinforced Its Sacredness. We have been taught kindness, protection, truth but these learned values have mutated into ugliness. Animals don’t kill for sport.

We will soon hear of another senseless tragedy. Continuing my broken record; God help us