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How ‘Classic Nite’ Is Redefining Entertainment In Enugu



Nightlife in Enugu can be fun, for night crawlers of course. There are a number of pubs and nightclubs available for the choosing for regular people who are familiar with the city, and first timers too. Most of the clubs here, are open for service from Wednesday through the weekend and lots of nightlife lovers look forward to it.

Every day in Enugu is like a celebration. People hang out at wine bars and joints, where they drink, eat and have fun with friends and relations. But the tone of celebration has been charged up with the coming of a monthly show that is redefining entertainment business in the coal city.

Tagged ‘The Classic Nite,’ the event was developed by D&M Events and is chaired by Agu Osita. The aim of the monthly even however, is to bring back Live Music in the industry.

Following the continued growth in the industry and the influx of upcoming talents searching for avenue to showcase their talent, Mr Osita explained that his aim is to nurture and  feature young artistes performing evergreen songs, live on stage. “It takes us back to those days when midlife men and women particularly couples are given an experience to savour some of the best of classical sounds from talented artistes.

“It is hosted in collaboration with the best Event Center in the state, Base Events Center, and the first edition was quite thrilling. It saw people who yearn for such entertainment come out in their hundreds to enjoy and relax with loved ones.

“There is great expectations for the next edition coming up on November 2. It is an experience the audience will never forget as they were amazingly entertained.

According to Mr Agu, prior to the coming of ‘The Classic Night’ monthly show, there was hardly any event that could be relied on in Enugu were people could go every month to just have fun. But His entertainment company changed the narrative and the result is what people are enjoying today.

“Before now, live performance was not a serious consideration for event managers and artistes in this part of the country. What is also shocking is that, we were told that Enugu people do not pay for events. But we were convinced that ours was going to be different and would have to be paid for.

“We explained to people who doubted live music was something different from karaoke. And true to our expectations, people attended the concert and are now yearning for more.

“The impact to the industry is already being felt as we are getting invites to perform at different events. It has brought back live music to Enugu and the people are willing to pay and have memorable fun,” he explained.

So when next you visit Enugu State and feel like relaxing, ask for the monthly ‘Classic Night’ concert and leave the state satisfied.



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