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Atiku’s Chances In 2019 Are Bright – Sidi



Alhaji Abubakar Sidi is the former coordinator, Goodluck Jonathan presidential campaign for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in the 2015 elections. In this interview with DAVID ADUGE-ANI, he speaks on the chances of PDP to win the 2019 presidential election

The PDP presidential primary election has come and gone. What is next?

Yes, the PDP presidential primary can be regarded as the most peaceful primary ever in this country. About 12 aspirants contested to get the presidential ticket of the party. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (Waziri Adamawa) emerged as the presidential candidate and the remaining 11 aspirants agreed and promised to support him.

Every one of them has agreed to work with the party, which has never happened in the history of Nigeria.


What are the chances of PDP in winning, especially now that Atiku Abubakar is contesting against President Muhammadu Buhari?

I am 100 per cent sure that Atiku has brighter chances of winning than the incumbent president. People forget history so easily. Buhari contested presidential primary elections for about four times.  Atiku contested for five times and the last one makes it the sixth time.

If you check the previous primaries, Buhari contested in 2003, he got unopposed, as the presidential candidate of the party. In 2007, he did not contest with anybody. In 2011, he did not also contest with anybody and he lost the elections.

But in 2015, he contested with almost five aspirants, he won the primary and he also won the presidential election. Now, in this 2019 election, he contested with nobody. So, for sure, he is going to lose the election automatically, because history is going to repeat itself.

The PDP lost the election in 2015 because of some reasons. One of the reasons was the banning of old aspirants, so that Jonathan could continue. So, that was the mistake the PDP made that cost us the election. Now, we have right the mistakes and the ruling party has committed the same blunders. So, for sure, PDP is going to win the election in 2019.

Now, PDP has realised its mistakes and the leaders have put all the machineries in place to right the wrongs that have been done to the people, to the party and to Nigerians.


But we heard that money exchanged hands during the PDP presidential primary in Port Harcourt. Don’t you think this is corruption?

You see, people keep mentioning money in the presidential primary election. But can you tell us how much the ruling All Progressives congress (APC) spent during their recent presidential primary election? The record is there.

So, giving money to people to feed, for accommodation and other expenses, to me, is not a wrong thing to do.


But do you think that Atiku will perform if elected Nigeria’s president in 2019?

Atiku is one of the best candidate for president Nigeria needs.He will perform wonders.  He has the political experience. He has the economic experience, and he has the structure.  In fact, he is a bridge builder and a successful business man, a successful politician and also a successful administrator.


What is your opinion on Nigerian economy under the present administration?

The present administration is not doing well in the area of the economy. This is because there is no competent and experienced person, to manage the economy of the country. Look at the minister of national planning, he is a lawyer. The former minister of finance does not have an international exposure to handle money. Also, the chairman of the economic council, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, is a SAN, in law, and not in economic.

That is why I believe that with Mr. Peter Obi, who will be the next chairman of the economic council, Insha Allah, things will work well in Nigeria.


The governor of Sokoto State, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, contested the last PDP presidential primary, but did not win. What do you think is responsible for this, since you are from Sokoto State?

Yes, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal contested the last PDP presidential primary, but I don’t believe that he lost. He gained, because there is no losing in competition. The more you participate, the more you gain experience. So, on his first experience, he came second during the primary election. It shows that he has gained an experience.

Let me inform you that before he became the governor of Sokoto State, area boys had taken over the entire state, but I commend the way he has been able to turn things around. I wish him the best. He will still retain his position as governor of the state. Sokoto people want him and we know that PDP will win in Sokoto, Insha Allah.


What is your advice to PDP supporters and Nigerians in general?

I will advice Nigerians to support the PDP and its presidential candidate. When PDP was in power, a bag of rice was sold for N7, 000.00, but today it selling at about N18, 000.00. When Jonathan was the president, under the PDP, to go to Mecca was N750, 000.00, but today to go to Mecca is about N1.5m.

So, I am calling on Nigerians to forgive the past and support PDP presidential candidate. With the outcome of the primary, I am sure that the party is going to take over the mantle of leadership in this country.





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