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Gale Of Defection Hits Kano South APC After Primaries



The just concluded primary elections of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano State, and specifically   in Kano South Senatorial District was seen as very attractive due to the parties involved.

Though to some of the aggrieved aspirants in the Senatorial contest, the election has become a thing of the past since they were declared losers  but to some others, it is still lingering at the back of their minds.

However, there are indications that they may want to give the party same blow it gave all those who felt disenchanted with the entire process  that amazinglingly produced Senator Kabir Gaya as the flagbeaarer of the APC in Kano South Senatorial district.

It was gathered that have the drum beats of  defection from the APC by aggrieved members and  perceived  losers of the election in Kano South and the entire 44 local governments in the state  has started.

There are allegations that some of them are  planning  to dump the APC for other parties.

According to LEADERSHIP findings, most of them have their eyes on parties like the People’s Redemption Party (PRP).

Meanwhile, the national leadership of the APC under its chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomole has to intervene in the impending crises.

Consequently, the outcome of the election  that produced people likes Senator  Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya who was touted to have polled over a million votes to became the party’s flag bearer for the Senatorship contest in the Kano South Senatorial district was described as the worst and brazingly rigged election in the human history.

Senator Gaya  contested alongside the Senior Special Assistant  to the President on National Assembly matters, Honourable  Abdurrahman Kawu Sumaila.

It however been alleged that the election was marred by irregularities despite that he popurtedly remained the most favoured candidate in Kano South because  ostensibly as a result of his deep pockets.

Whereas Honorable Sumaila appeared to enjoy the support of a larger percentage of the electorate in Kano South, before they could show their electoral might, the results were said to be on air indicating that Gaya, a former Kano  Governor and incumbent Senator in  Kano South had won the election with a wide margin to the astonishment of aghast spectators.

However, Honourable Sumaila an SSA to the President on National Assembly matters was the one that boldly came out to recind to fate and cautioned his people against taking the law into their hands. He was said to have even gone the extra mile to calm frayed nerves and urged them to wait for other opportunities in future.

However, the likes of the former MD Total Petroleum and one time Senator in the zone, Senator Isa Yahaya Zarewa, who also contested for the same position and lost out  did not only fault the process in which Gaya emerged but wrote a petition to the headquarters of the APC with a view to seeking redress over what he termed as injustice allegedly meted at him.

This particular develolment provocked Senator  Zarewa and many other aspirants, leading to the threat of hundreds of party faithful to dump the APC after they unanimously took a bold decision to do so  at his Yahaya Gusau residence along School of Management Studies Kano.

According to Zarewa, the decision to dump the party for  a more popular and democratic party like the PRP by the loyal members of the APC who were pained by the perpetrators of this rigging spree,  spelled doom a retrogressive tendency for the party considering the number of followership of each apirant willing to follow their masters to any party they individually and collectively resolve to pitch tent with.

An elderly man in the party hierachy in Kano State who did not want his name in print spoke with LEADERSHIP on condition of anonimity said that “We are living witness on how the defection saga had caused alot of havoc to other parties such as the defunct NRC and SDP to lose elections in the past, due to their inability to resolve minor political squables within their respective political parties.”

But on the other hand, those who refused to decamp to other parties  but concealed a political venom at the back of their minds may decide to work against the interest of the party from behind or to even come out and engage in anti -party activities by way of pulling  down their political enemies on election days.

According to pundits, since those who want to defect have done so and more are still on their way out, the National leadership of the APC may need to set up a  reconciliatory Committee to visit Kano and and sit down with aggrieved persons with a view to rectify the anomaly.



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