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Whither These One-hit Wonders?



They might have released singles after their hits, it just wasn’t going to pull through and over shadow their one time banger. While some artistes have been able to churn out hits after hits, others have courted fame with just one hit and faded into oblivion. Check them out and know their ‘One Hits.’

Kelly Handsome – ‘Too Much Money’

It’s been years since the “Too Much Money ” was released by Kelly in his album, ‘Too Much Money’. The song enjoyed airplay Worldwide but it seems Kelly’s maga wasn’t enough to pay as his other songs just couldn’t make the top. When LEADERSHIP interviewed him, he blamed it on the spat he had with his erstwhile record label Kennis Music. He is now an actor in African Magic Igbo.

Bigiano – ‘Shayo’

There were no clubs in the days of Bigiano that didn’t played the song “Shayo,”  which literally means (alcoholic  drinks). He made his debut as a solo artiste in 2009 with the release of his monster hit, ‘Shayo’ before fading away. The singer in an interview explained the reason behind his absence saying he deliberately took a break in a bid to repackage his brand and be able to offer much more to his fans.

According to him he couldn’t handle the fame that came with ‘Shayo.’ And he deliberately made the decision to go off the scene in 2011. One would wonder how many years it would take an artiste who couldn’t package himself to resurface. Let’s wait and see.

Konga – ‘Baby Konga’

Was there anyone during Konga’s time that did not know him? His style was crazy and his outfits were exceptional. He blew our mind with that hit song ‘Baby Konga’ but faded into oblivion. It was when we thought he was just about to start running the entertainment industry.

Mad Melon and Mountain Black – ‘Danfo Driver’

If you don’t know ‘Danfo Driver’, you are an upcoming. That song is still a classical hit as far as drivers are concerned. Unfortunately, the duo who once ruled the Galala airwaves just couldn’t keep up with other fast rising singers. Recently, something good happened when Sound Sultan did a collaboration with some of the Ajegunle’s greatest and they were among.

TY Bello – ‘Greenland’

TY Bello shot to limelight with her 2008 hit, Greenland which is still evergreen. The songstress that enjoyed massive airplay and rave reviews across Nigeria also released her album ‘The Future’ four years later but ‘Greenland’ still overshadowed it. Now, she’s more of a photographer than a singer.

W4 – ‘Kontrol’

When W4 released this song in 2010, virtually everybody slept on it, and it was the biggest song in the country enjoying massive airplay during that period partly because of the national fuel crisis as at that time. He has released other songs but they haven’t been as catchy as ‘Kontrol’.

Jazzman Olofin – ‘Raise D Roof’

Everybody’s favourite song as at that time. Jazzman came and thrilled the nation with his hit banger ‘Raise D Roof’ but his Jazz couldn’t work for him with his other songs. ‘Raise D Roof’ still remains his hit song till date. We only see him occasionally at some functions

Olu Maintain – ‘Yahooze’

He has released other songs after Yahooze with good videos but they are no match for the aforementioned. Olu just couldn’t compete with the likes of fire-burning artistes we have now. ‘Yahooze’ was the only hit Olu ever produced after his signing to Kenny’s music.

Jodi – ‘Kuchi Kuchi’

It seems she just wanted to do something out of the ordinary and it worked. Jodi released her ballad ‘Kuchi Kuchi’ a baby-inspired Zouk song at the tail end of 2010. The song which exudes innocence and is extremely melodic in its delivery and style was described as soulful, artsy and simply African by many music critics. After that nothing has been heard of from Jodi.

Zule-Zoo – ‘Kerewa’

Remember Zule Zoo’s song ‘Kerewa’? How many of you danced to the tune? The acrobatic dancers were among the best local content Nigeria could boast of. ‘Kerewa’ was, however, banned in Nigeria for its obscene theme and Ibrahim Hassan and Michael (the duo that made up the group) later both went solo. But it is said that one of them is mentally ill, hence making it difficult for them to bounce back.

Resonance Now (Estar)

This beautiful Igbo singer had a lot of Influence on today’s Nigerian music science with her song “Lele” . There wasn’t any household that didnt played her song. When she got married, we did not hear from her again. But we hope she would come back with her sonorous voice.



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