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Bloodthirsty People Chased Kemi Adeosun Away – Sagay



The chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council on Corruption (PACAC), Prof. Itse Sagay, has said that the federal government should not have allowed former finance minister, Kemi Adeosun to leave, saying she brought a lot of benefits to the nation’s economy with her ideas.

Sagay who disclosed this in a chat with THE INTERVIEW said she was also very committed to the growth of the nation, adding that she has great integrity.

The PACAC helmsman insisted that she was in the forefront of the fight against corruption. He added that she was a very transparent and talented person.

According to him, ‘’ In fact, my resolve in that regard is much stronger now. This lady (Kemi Adeosun) was a hugely transparent and talented person, who brought a lot of benefits to our economy with her many ideas.

‘’But what are her circumstances? She never grew up on this country. I am not even aware she knew about youth service. She was well over 30, the normal age at which one is entitled to NYSC exemption certificate, before she came here.

‘’The argument against her is that she graduated under 30. Yes. But she was well over that age before she came and she didn’t quite know. When it was first raised, she consulted people and they told her, never mind.

‘’You are entitled to NYSC exemption certificate and offered to process it for her. She gave them all the information about herself, they processed it and gave her a letter, indicating that she has been exempted, which she believed in good faith.’’

She said morally she had done nothing wrong and on the contrary, she has been of great benefit to this country so that it’s a great loss.

Sagay said he feels ‘’Nigerians tend to be blood thirty at times. This is a case of blood thirsty Nigerians, simply baying at an innocent person and making this country lose the service of a very talented and committed public servant.’’

He stressed that he was not too happy with the federal government for succumbing to this illegitimate pressure by the PDP and their sources, just for the sake of attacking in other to cover up for their own corruption and their mis-governance.

He added that if he was in that position he would never have allowed her to go.

‘’I would just have ignored everything and allow her continue, because she was doing a great job,’’ he added.



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