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Making Money From Branding And Packaging Beans



Food is a necessity because it is necessary for the growth and maintenance of the human body. The benefits humans receive from food cannot be replicated by nutritional supplements. The proper foods provide calcium to build and strengthen bones, protein and iron for muscle maintenance and other nutrients that allow the optimal functioning of the body’s organs. Beans are one of such foods which the body needs for optimal growth.  It is rich in B vitamins and folic acid, contains minerals including iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, and is high in fiber. 

Beans branding and packaging is a very viable business opportunity any one can venture into today, now is the season you can buy to store, not with chemicals, or package in different kg and sell, with the increased establishment of departmental stores across the country, the demand is high. In this business, all you need to do is to buy beans from farmers in bags and pre-clean it with pre-cleaner or manual if you don’t have such machine. Pre-cleaning is to make it chaff and stone free before bagging into different sizes you want to such as 1kg, 2kg, etc. 

Beans belong to the family of crops referred to as legumes. There are many varieties of beans but the type used in preparing Nigerian beans recipes are the kidney shaped black eyed beans and the brown beans. The demand for beans is high both in the southern and northern parts of the country. Beans are mostly cooked to make a variety of recipes. Sometimes the beans coat is removed in the process of preparing the recipe such as in:

Varieties Of Beans 

White Beans: White beans are a common type of beans also called haricot or navy beans, full of fiber, iron, and foliate. 

Honey Beans: This beans is a naturally sweeter version of black-eyed peas. It has a unique lightly sweet taste that works when cooked by itself or in complicated West African recipes like Moin-Moin (Bean cakes) or Akara (Bean Fritters). 

Brown Beans: This is very nutritious. It has a unique lightly sweet taste that works when cooked by itself or in complicated West African recipes like Moin-Moin (Bean cakes) or Akara (Bean Fritters).    

Black Beans: This beans improves cardiovascular health, high levels of antioxidants, which help protect cancer. A high source of filling fiber, improves digestion and helps keep sugar levels stable

SOYA BEANS: Improves metabolic activity, healthy weight gain, boosts of the heart, relieves menopausal symptoms, boosts digestive health, improves bone health, prevents birth defects, improves circulation and highly portentous.

Use Of Beans

MoiMoi – The beans coat is removed by a special technique and the beans blended and cooked with ingredients.

Akara – This is another Nigerian food recipe where beans coat is removed, the seeds blended and deep fried to make balls known as bean cakes. It is a very popular breakfast meal.

Ewa Agoyin – Also known as Beans & Stew.Is a good way to enjoy beans even if you are not a fan of beans. It tastes oh-so-good with soft, stretchy bread.

Beans Porridge – Here beans is cooked on its own with added ingredients. Variety is achieved by adding yam, plantain, sweet potato or baby corn.

Rice & Beans – This is one of those recipes that were derived to reduce the flatulence associated with beans. As the name implies, two major staples are used in cooking this recipe, rice and beans.

‘Fried’ Beans – In this recipe, beans is boiled and fried in red palm oil. It has a very traditional taste.

Machines And Material Needed For Beans Packaging Business 

Pre-Cleaner: This is used to make the beans stone and chaff free before packaging into smaller kg bag. After buying the beans from the farmers or open market pre- cleaning process is applied for the beans to look clean and ready to cook.

Nylon Sealing Machine: Nylon sealing machine is used to seal the beans bags. It ranges from #7500 to #350,000.

Packaging Materials: Branded nylon that is food grade should be used and properly labeled for packaging.

Coding Machine: A coding machine is required to code the nylon and fix the date of production and expiry dates.

Weighing Scale: You must have a scale to make sure that appropriate measurement has been taken before packaging.

Why Branding And Packaging Beans As A Business Venture

Branding and packaging beans is a profitable business to venture into, you can make good profit from it especially now that we have beans in the open market that are preserved with chemicals that are harmful to the health. If your beans are well branded and packaged in kgs, the demand will be high as consumers would like to know the source of the beans they are buying.



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