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PEEF Seeks 20% Budgetary Allocation To Education



The People Expertise and Excellence Foundation (PEEF) has advocated for 20 per cent annual budgetary allocation to education by the federal and state governments.

In the communiqué the foundation issued after its second workshop with the theme: “Education vs Reality: Bridging the Gap between the Education System and the Real World”, PEEF recommended that 20 per cent of annual budget (recurrent and capital expenditures) as the minimum funding of the education sector at the federal and state levels.

It noted that the funding of education in Nigeria is inadequate to cater for the needed infrastructure and human resource.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) recommends between “15 per cent and 20 per cent as the international benchmark for annual budgetary allocation to education.

Nigeria currently does about eight percent allocation to sector at the federal level.

PEEF, in a communiqué signed by its executive secretary, Dr. Musa Rabiu, also called for the restructuring of the education sector architecture.

According to him, “education system as currently built and delivered is focused on the award of certificates and not ensuring that the students thrive as adults. Learning is theoretical and carried out using hypothetical abstract concepts and examples as the teachers are mostly not subject matter practitioners in the real-world work.”



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