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Dream Into Your Future, Ben Bruce Charges Youths



Ben Murray-Bruce

The senator representing Bayelsa East constituency at the National Assebly, Ben Murray-Bruce, has charged Nigerians youths to dream into their future of success.

Ben Bruce who made the charge during his address at the 13th commencement anniversary of the American university of Nigerians in Yola yesterday said, “  Dreams are always focused on the future, and your background should not necessarily determine your dreams. Your history should not limit your potentials.”

He said further, “Because you may have been an orphan selling firewood on the streets, just like His Excellency Atiku Abubakar did, don’t not make your dreams smaller than the dreams of the heir to the British throne.

According to him, the future is brighter with dreams, dreams are like floodlights, the future is unknown and dark, many things are hidden in the future, dreams are the lights that  shine into the future, so that those things hidden can become clear.

He urged youths not to allow people who are focused on  the past to tell they about dreams which can not be achieved.

He also disclosed that, When he launched Silverbird 38 years ago, he did not  have an office, adding that  I have to convince my dad to give me a corner space at his Domino supermarket and then I talked to him into giving me N20,000 as a start up.

He further said, “When man had a dream and his dream was more real to him than the opinions of the experts. So he chose to believe in his dreams rather than the opinion of others. He believed he could run a mile in under four minutes.

“What I want you to understand is the knowledge you have gained here and the other schools that got you to this point, the rest of your lives will be the best of your lives,”he added.



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