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Customer Experience Key To Telcos’ Borderless Connectivity – NCC



The executive commissioner, Stakeholder Management, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Mr. Sunday Dare, has dared Nigerian telecommunications operators to wake up and provide efficient customer experience to their subscribers in order to ensure borderless connectivity.

Speaking at the fourth quarter Industry Consumer Advisory Forum (ICAF) meeting which held in Lagos yesterday, Dare noted “that the challenge before us now is to ensure that we proactively remove all impediments to technology adoption, that we identify lCT pain points even before they occur, and that we address them before they become an issue,” he said.

He stated that from trying to deploy basic telecom services throughout Nigeria just a few years ago, the industry is now talking about achieving the penetration of superfast 4G/LTE networks nationwide.

“From getting basic voice telephony into the hinterlands just a few years ago, we are now talking about using artificial intelligence and machine learning to design and deploy services.

“We are now talking about data harvesting, cloud processing, and exploitation of data across borders. We are talking of borderless connectivity which is changing the method of service delivery across all sectors of human endeavor.

“In this new era, customer service SLAs (Service Level Agreements) mean little if we cannot achieve the attitudinal and behavioural loyalty which ensures that consumers are confident to embrace technology to tap into the life-changing opportunities,” he said.

In her welcome address, director, Consumer Affairs Bureau, NCC, Mrs. Felicia Mrs. Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, said ICAF’s deliberations and advisory on a number of consumer related issues in the past contributed to formidable changes for the betterment of the consumer.

“Today consumers who were previously unable to access unused data upon expiry of their data plan, can now do so within given timelines, since June 2018. Complaints have also reduced on the issue of forceful/automatic renewal of data services and activation/subscription to data and value added services without prior consent since May 2018,” she said.

Onwuegbuchulam, however, urged the telecom operators to invest more in retaining and serving their customer in order to remain relevant.

“Creating exceptional customer experience (CX) will tackle these concerns and lead to a general increase in average revenue per user (ARPU), given that the demand from customers for multi-play services such as broadband, mobile wallets, data and content-can actually boost revenues if customers can be retained,” she said.