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Mikano, MTU Partner To Deliver IPP Gas Energy



Mikano International Limited said it was  bringing on board its partnership with MTU On-site Energy to deliver Independent Power Plant (IPP) gas energy for all consumers’ power requirements.

The company stated that every MTU engine and system was built to last, with MTU’s legendary high engineering standards.

With this partnership, consumers can experience a world of fuel savings IPP gas project and more efficient and reliable technology dedicatedly designed to save fuel cost.

Also, Mikano unveiled innovations and introduced new technological improvements.

Chairman and chief executive officer, Mikano, Mofid Karameh said,  Mikano has been in Nigeria for 25 years, the board of directors are Nigerian citizens, saying that power generation is a critical sector for Nigeria.

According to Karameh, the need for power is instrumental for the economy to grow, for the factories to power up, for schools to light up, for hospitals to work, and for many other things. Power generation is very important. We are doing more in Nigeria and we are made by Nigerians.

Also speaking, sales director, Mikano, Loukman Jouni said, “We always design the right products. We have the right products now. The aim for the MTU partnership is to provide world wide experience locally in Nigeria. We are looking at taking this partnership to the next level. So, we don’t have to import everything. We can assemble here and still give consumers value for their money. We are a Nigerian company Karameh, said its unbeatable higher capacities have been through its partnership with renowned world MTU onsite energy. According to him, to ensure that Nigeria and Africa as a whole get the best of the power back-up needed for its growth and development, Mikano International Limited has taken credible steps by signing a partnership agreement with the renown German Power generator company, MTU Onsite Energy to deliver a more reliable Diesel and Gas IPP generators in higher engine capacities.

Meanwhile, in a bid to celebrate its 25 years of operations in Nigeria, Mikano International Limited unveiled its latest sales promotion which started on October 15, 2018 and would end January 2019 targeted at rewarding its loyal customers.

The sales promotion which covers Mikano’s products for the steel factory, lighting solution, power generation, heavy equipment and spare parts, promises to reward customers instantly after purchase of the products.

Assistant marketing manager, Mikano, Carol Chukwura, said customers who purchased products in the value of N125,000 or more stood the chance of winning several prizes.

Chukwura further explained that each time customers purchased products within the range of N125,000 or more, they get a ticket and once customers get up to three tickets as a result of the purchases, they automatically win a voucher, which can be used to buy anything within the value of voucher from Mikano.

She disclosed that the company is also unveiling a CRS initiation focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for undergraduate students of Nigeria.

According to her, STEM is a Mikano’s 25th anniversary CSR initiative aimed at promoting education and creating opportunities for young technical students to gain skills in their technical field of education. This creates a competitive environment for young Nigerian students to show their skills. with over 2000 staff.”



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