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Values Parents Pass On To Children Determines Citizen Responsibility – Jibril



Former presidential aspirant, Sarah Nnadzwa  Jibril, is a psychologist by profession. The renowned politician who also served as special adviser to former president, Goodluck Jonathan, in this interview with CECILIA OGEZI, talks about her life principles and things she is most passionate about.

You are a woman of many laurels, and role model to many women. Tell us about your activities with the youth?

As a patron of the Patigi Youth Association, I walk closely with youths and the question is a natural and logical question, to have the sense to ask about the youth of the generation is that it’s a patriotic common sense to even care at all.

I was an active youth in my days as a young woman and it created the foundation for my achievement in politics and other areas of endeavour. The concern here about the youth is from foundation of the family. We have to admit it’s the cause of the concern we have today. Some parents recognise the Almighty God as the Supreme Being that has created them and has given them responsibility to take care of the next generation.

Unfortunately, a lot of parents today have forgotten how to respect the creator and the schools that should be co-partners are deficient in these areas too. There is no collaboration with schools, families and even what the community might be teaching them.


Are you saying the youths should be more sensitised?

The youths need to be sensitised as well as sensitive, why? For instance, why will a young person take drugs? Because your emotions can not carry you anymore? Foundation is supposed to recap consciousness of human value in them. The trying time for this foundation is during the youth when you have time to find your bearing. Values parents pass down to children determines citizen responsibility. Because of government deficiency in the things of God, some sort of laissez-a- faire  type of socialisation has been created and therefore, there is no evidence of care about physical, spiritual, social or mental behavioural aspects of life.


As a renowned politician, do you think this affects governance?

Certainly, the successive government of this country also have been ignorant about the foundation. What makes you think of wanting to take care of someone else? It has to be imprinted in their conscience, in their heart and spirit; that is where you store values. It’s about etiquette and morals to have respect for others, ethics is about act of adding value.

People who do not have profound understanding of honour about the essence of human race, who find themselves in government, will perform poorly. People who have been effectively groomed in their conscience on the other hand, seem to know that human race is the principal being on earth. Everything about governance is about the continuation of values thought in the home. So the question of purpose is; are you doing it to honour human race or depriving them of what is due them and neglecting them in squalor? When you don’t nurture conscience from the beginning, such an individual cannot value human life.


What would you say must have shaped you into who you are today?

Some of us are fortunate to have parents who recognised that there it is a supreme being who created the human race. Principles of life can only come if you know there is a being that created you. I have been a church worker for years and have carried the teachings of Christ to my political life to raise the righteous to influence this generation.


What are you most passionate about?

I like working with the youths, doing what God wants. I like to see human beings establish the finesse of good living. Plus, I have been dedicated for the past two years, to nurturing the Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) it’s a party God has ordained to bring forth this vision.


How do you relax?

I listen to soft worship songs while I sleep. I find it refreshing.


What is your favourite food?

Tuwo and okra soup made with dry fish or tuwon shinkafa with okra soup and fresh fish.


What is your favourite mode of dressing?

African dressing that best portrays the dignity of the African woman.


Tell us about your family

First of all I am a mother of four children, three boys and a girl. I have two grandchildren. I am from Patigi local government area in Kwara State.







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