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JMPP Is For A New, Corrupt-Free Nigeria – Ijagbemi



Dr. Olusegun Ijagbemi, is the chairman of Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP). He has also served as a diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs majoring in security matters. In this interview with CECILIA OGEZI, he speaks on issues that form the major focus of the party.

When did you form the party?

We got the certification of our party in 2017, and we have branches in almost every part of Nigeria now, it is growing by the day. I came to this party through divine instruction, it came through the vision of an Apostle of God. Before my retirement after years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I did all I knew to know the assignment God has prepared for me, but it was not until I gave an offering to a widow, that I was directed to the Apostle.

The vision was given to Apostle Sunday Chukwu Eguzolugo in Kawuje, Kebbi State. He is now our presidential flag bearer. Once I was linked with him, we began the process of writing the constitution and the manifesto. Our manifesto is not a reasoning of man but that of God. We have instructions on what to do for Nigeria for the next 10-30 years. It is our dream to feed ourselves in this nation Nigeria by creating a conducive environment for agriculture.

JMPP is a rescue package for Nigeria by God. We are a party that is highly disciplined.

You technically have not participated in any election, and we are approaching a major election in a matter of days, since this is your first outing which position do you feel confident you can win?

We are confident we can win all positions including the post of the President. We have enlisted youths who are willing to die for Nigeria. We have taken oath not to steal from Nigeria or divert contracts to our personal companies to sabotage the economy.

God has instructed that if we are able to do this, we will rule in dominion and Nigeria will be an envy of the world in 36 years. Since members of the party cannot steal, 10 percent of the National income will go to the poor.

How do you get funding for your party?

The party is being run by the members. When we need to do something we donate money and get it done. Our nomination forms were free and that is why we don’t have a God-father in this party. No one can claim ownership of the party. So our promises to Nigerians are not political but with divine instruction.

We are using our lives as lifelines, when we tell Nigerians we are going to give them free education and free health care services, it is not a promise. If we don’t fulfill it we are under oath, so the penalty is death.

Why do you think Nigerians are jumping out of this country? What do those other countries have that we do not have? It’s just the enabling environment, the infrastructure. Our people have the knowledge, they are hardworking but our environment is too hostile.

Many Nigerians are succeeding in the diaspora, we are going to bring them back. We will provide quality education for our children.

Our education system today is a sham, our teachers and lecturers are demoralized. Before now the teaching profession was a prestigious profession. We will rebuild the structures and make our institutions of learning truly citadels of knowledge.

Your party believes in restructuring Nigeria, how would you do that if elected?

If restructuring Nigeria is done in the way that is intended by politicians it will create disharmony, so we will reconstruct what is currently operational. We are going to increase the powers of the regional governments. Right now we talk about six geopolitical zones with no function given to them as a zone. Whatever we are doing now as a country is based on states, local government and wards. What we are going to do is that we are going to have a minister in-charge of each of the geopolitical zones to coordinate the activities of the zone. The minister take charge of revenue generation, employment and other needs of the zones.

There will still be president but he will control the Zones using the resources of the zone to develop the zone. It will make government more relevant to each of this geopolitical zones agitating now.

This is how we intend to increase revenue and empower Nigerians as well as make government more relevant to Nigerians.

How exactly do you intend to do that?

We will make zones more specialized, there are zones that are good in food crop production, some are good in cash crop production, some have so much solid minerals while others are industrial zones.

These states can interact and collaborate and still be self-sustaining, for instance Nigeria now produce rice in the North, yam tubers coming from the South and we have states describing themselves as food baskets of the nation. All we need is to encourage these states to produce more and help the industrial zones to create markets for the produce so that they can be processed into finished goods.

Since we are working with upright leaders we can now begin to think of economic development and growth.

We must begin to practice what most developed nations do to boost their economy. Our oil will no more be taken out, we must refine crude here and sell to the world. Today what we are doing is selling crude oil and importing refined products, thereby using our own money to pay for the comfort of other countries. Our party has solutions to all the problems bedeviling this country and we have plans in place to eradicate poverty completely. If that is the only thing we are able to achieve, it’s enough.

In which ways do you hope to tackle terrorism?

We will fence Nigeria with concrete walls, we will bring in our people in the diaspora, who are making impact in various fields to invest in the country. We don’t have to force them, they will come when they see Nigeria is working again, God is set to restore the dignity of the black race that has been destroyed through years of colonialism and slave trade and Nigeria shall be the centre point.

Right now our borders are porous and we cannot protect lives of the citizens of this country. We need to fence the country.  Nigeria is being invaded in every corner by foreigners, they are involved in mass transit, mass housing they bring in their capital and no one is stopping them. After fencing we can cater to the security needs of those inside, because there will be surveillance round the border.

Nigeria is going to be a focal point for cultural tourism in the world and that is only possible where there is peace.



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