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Nigerian Fashion Impacts Global Trends – Expert



Current trends in global fashion are heavily influenced by Nigerian fashion, ace fashion designer, Dennis Osadebe says.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, Osadebe, arguably the first designer to own a Nigerian fashion brand in Dubai, said Nigerian fashion inspires a lot of international designers.

He said, “From traditional attire to modernised African-inspired dashikis and dresses, the various print designs and range of colours of Nigerian and African textiles have an influence on the fashion industry.

“It is amazing to watch this influence as the world seems to have suddenly realised the beauty of Nigerian fashion.

“It is now a strong part of global pop culture and it provides more opportunities for Nigerian and African designers to shine internationally.

“You can see an African touch in recent collections of Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Just look at all these high-end fashion houses and African elements such as prints are present.

“Yearly, more and more international runway shows are happening in Africa and African designers are becoming world famous,” he said.

Osadebe’s brand, D & D Clothing is the predominant means through which Africans and non-Africans in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can access Nigerian fashion pieces.

He has showcased award-winning collections across the world, representing Nigerian fashion in Europe and the United States with upcoming projects in Milan and London.

Describing the experience, he told NAN, “I recognised the potentials of introducing African fashion to the world and now we are here.

“I chose to create an African fashion brand in UAE, because no one had known it before. So I can use this opportunity to reach my brothers and sisters in the world,

“Working in Dubai and in the international fashion market, I realised the need to translate D&D’s fashion language to the worldwide market.

“Most importantly, to show Nigerian inspired print fabrics, colours combination and modern fashion trends,” Osadebe said.

He stated that although the Nigerian fashion industry was becoming more influential, designers and other stakeholders should ensure that the industry is capable of sustaining the present growth.

“To grow better internationally, Nigerian fashion designers should bring their styles abroad and search for international representatives to tell the African story. We should dream big and work hard,” Osadebe said.




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