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2019 elections: Cleric advises Nigerians to vote for right leaders



Reverend Father Hypolite Adigwe, the chairman of Anambra Catholic Education Commission, advised Nigerians to vote for the right leaders in 2019 elections. As the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports, such a call was made at the Missionary Society of St Paul of Nigeria, Abuja, on Sunday, the 20th of January, 2019.

Reverend Father Hypolite Adigwe advised the residents of Nigeria in any case not to vote under force and choose the candidates at all levels whose priority is the development and prosperity of the country because only leaders of unquestionable character and proven integrity can serve our country and its people.

The cleric urged Nigerians in any circumstances not to vote for those candidates who would not contribute to the development and growth of Nigeria. He said that the electorate should be guided by socio-economic development of Nigeria and peace when making their choice during the upcoming general elections.

He also commented on the involvement of youth in politics saying that there were many various benefits for them because young people were more inclined to serve in their communities. The reverend father added that he sees many positive sides in the engagement of youth in the political process. They are not just short-term but would also create a perfect foundation for active political involvement in the future.

Reverend Father Hypolite Adigwe reminded the youth of our country that they are the tomorrow of Nigeria and future leaders, in such a way he emphasized that it is essential to be more interested in the future of the country and be involved in the development of their motherland. Also, he has insisted that the federal government need to support the young generation with opportunities and tools to learn and move in the right direction.

At the same time, a political analyst, Austin Uganwa, in his paper pointed the finger of blame at leadership succession in our country, saying that Nigeria was led by politicians who faced the challenges to which they were not prepared. The political analyst insists on the urgent necessity for the great generational shift in the political leadership system. The country needs properly educated well-informed and equipped youth. Also, Austin Uganwa insisted that INEC need to ensure the free and fair elections that would open the new possibilities for the right leaders.

Earlier, it was reported that the Diocesan Archbishop of Ibadan Province of the Anglican Communion (Most Reverend Segun Okubadejo) addressed citizens of Nigeria asking them to focus not on the particular parties but the candidates and their political programme.



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