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Artiste Won’t Sell Painting Of 2Face



Abuja-based artiste, Tom Sunday, who painted an image of popular Nigerian music artiste, 2Face, says the painting, is the only one out of 50 art works in his solo exhibition, not for sale.

Sunday says his unwillingness to sell the oil painting isn’t due to any emotional attachment but rather that it remains a part of his personal collection.

In a statement that contradicts his claims of non-personal attachment, the artist said his decision to paint the artiste stems from his perception of the artiste, as a legend, one who has not just remained relevant in the music industry for years, but has deployed his little voice in preaching peace, love and oneness in the nation – an ambassador of peace.

“He has shown me the path to becoming a legend. I look up to him as a role model in the area of nationalism and patriotism, and wanted to put him on canvas. So, I painted him for those attributes I see.”

Responding to questions of if he will sell the painting if the artiste himself makes an offer, Sunday says it’s an option he hasn’t considered.

Legend, a framed oil painting, features a male in black, head bowed towards its viewer. The form is balanced from left to centre of the dark canvas. Barely discernable features hint at bespectacled eyes, highlighted nose, shoulder and a slit of skin under a shirt and a shiny bald head reflecting off the invisible spotlight.

The analogous posture of the portrait is deceiving, proven by viewers’ reaction to the arresting portrait. “Its Ikechukwu, the singer,” says one, and yet to another “its Vin Diesel,” from the Fast and Furious franchise.”



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