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That Unfair Attack On Aliero



I read an article with the title; ‘That unfair attack on Aliero’ published in LEADERSHIP newspaper of February 19, 2019, in which the author, one Ibrahim Mohammed (probably a pen name) disguised to be in defence of Senator Aliero, but ended up promoting the dirty job of Zamfara State government and its external allies.


In responding to such baseless allegations and misrepresentation of facts, we should all understand that we are now in the 21st century, where ignorance is not an excuse for blunder and selfishness. You are expected to ask those who know things you do not know. Unlike the myths purportedly puts forth on allegations heavily sponsored by the culprits responsible for the woes of Zamfara masses, the writer failed to provide a single evidence that clears the air on the partisan interference of Senator Aliero in the internal crisis of Zamfara APC.

By critically examining the whole trouble in the state, one may conclude that the ‘fight’ or grudges in Zamfara APC is beyond Sen Marafa (G8) versus Governor Yari (an his external allies). It is a fight orchestrated by the masses for what the senator has indulged but is not in his personal interest, rather in the finest interest of the masses.


It was the masses in Zamfara State who gave the green light to the teeming G8, for they have suffered all forms of aggression and dictatorship in the past years. All they need is someone who is ready to sacrifice against all odds, to help in tackling the mess deteriorating all sectors in the state.

In the entire argument, the writer woefully (maybe deliberately) failed to quote what the senator said and the factors that led to the declaration.


Senator Marafa was interviewed by newsmen in his office at the National Assembly complex on February 2. In the interview, the senator had reiterated his position in a clear term. He said; “I am irrevocably committed to retiring Yari and all his co-travellers from the mess that is going on in Zamfara. We want to liberate our people; we want to give them a new life. The only thing they have been proud of is the Shari’a legal system. They (Yari and co.) have exposed themselves today to show the hypocrisy in what they are doing. They are not doing Shari’a, because it is not about chopping hands, it is about justice and fairness which is what they lack. That is also responsible for all the problems in Zamfara today. That is just the root cause. There are things I don’t want to even say here, but God willing, we will bring everything out, and at the appropriate time we will bring all of them to book.”


I wonder why the writer intentionally fails to deliberate on the above quote from Sen Marafa’s interview. But is only interested in the other aspect, in which the name of Senator Aliero was exposed as a party to the misconducts in Zamfara State.

In another part of the interview, Sen Marafa cautioned all persons interfering in the internal crisis of Zamfara APC. “Those poking their noses into the affairs of our internal politics, such as Aliero and his cohorts due to the large share of contracts they benefit in the state (which we don’t care). I call on them with a strong term that they should avoid delving into our internal crisis. The whole dilemma today in Zamfara is orchestrated by these former governors and their allies. For that, I began to tell them the ugly truth, in which I boldly called on Aliero to respect himself – because he have disturbed us. So, these are the people that I begged to stay away from our affairs.”


The writer notoriously asked about the law which Aliero broke by doing business with the Zamfara governor. “Why should Aliero’s case be selected and treated differently from other legitimate businessmen from across the country who legitimately undertook several other contracts for Zamfara state government since the state was created many years ago?”

Yes, Aliero broke no law in doing whatever business, but that is not enough for him to involve himself in the internal crisis of the state. What Aliero is doing in Zamfara is not just a business. Instead of crying foul, the writer should have ask Abubakar


Aliero,  Sen Aliero’s younger brother, on the allegations puts forth by Senator Marafa.

At this critical time, there is no need to respond to all sorts of sponsored blackmails or cheap attention seeking submissions. But to set the record straight, it must be stated as it is, not as the stooges like it to be.

Sen Marafa’s energy is channelled towards retiring all bad eggs from Zamfara politics, and God willing, it is about to happen. Saura Kiris!

Idris is the director, Communications and Strategy, Marafa Support Group.



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