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Gov. Umahi’s Performance Earns Him Re-Election – Council Boss



Dr Eni-Uduma Chima, Chairman of Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi has described the re-election of Gov. Dave Umahi of Ebonyi as a testimony of his outstanding performance.

Chima made this known at a news conference in Abakaliki on Tuesday.

The council boss said that the landslide victory of Umahi, the Governorship Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Saturday’s election, was a verdict passed by the people.

He congratulated the electorate of Ebonyi for supporting the re-election of the governor, saying that the action was a demonstration of appreciation of what the governor had done in the state during his first term in office.

“The overwhelming votes received by the governor in the election was a demonstration of the people’s love, admiration and appreciation of his laudable achievements in the areas of infrastructure development, human empowerment and agricultural development.

“The performances of the governor in all sectors made the victory swift and total.

“This victory is for continuity of good governance, more infrastructure development and delivery of more democracy dividends to the people,’’ Chima said.

He called on losers in the governorship election to team up with the governor-elect to fast-track development of the state during the second term of the incoming administration.

“In every contest, there must a winner and there must a loser. Losers must be kind enough to accept defeat while winners must be magnanimous in victory.

“The governor has displayed this unique quality of a good leadership by extending hands of fellowship to those that lost in the contest.

“He urged them to place the interest of the state above personal and party considerations and to join hands to develop Ebonyi.

“The governor is open-minded, liberal and will easily bring in opposition politicians who are willing and have something to offer for advancement of good governance in the state.

“The governor will not neglect them on the basis that they are not of the same political party. In fact, toward the end of the electioneering campaign, most opposition candidates from different political parties joined the PDP to support the second term bid.

“Bringing oppositions into the administration will not be out of place; after all they are Ebonyi people before belonging to the political parties,’’  he said.

Chima assured the people that the governor would not abandon infrastructure development projects started in his first tenure.

He said that the governor was bound by his words to complete all projects embarked upon by his government.

“The flyover project at Abomege in Onitcha Local Government Area is a promise made in Nov 27, 2018, and work has since commenced in the site, moving steadily and speedily.

“For a governor who is running a campaign to have found time to commence fresh project of such gigantic nature shows that he is committed to work.

“Most of the projects are ongoing and will be rounded off because it will be unwise not to complete them.

“The governor is not afraid of embarking on projects that will positively touch on the lives of the people and he is committed to realising the Ebonyi Airport project which is a `pet’ project for him,’’ Chima said.

The council boss said that arguments that workers in the state were being under-paid in terms of salary, were not based on verifiable facts.

He said that workers would continue to enjoy regular monthly salary payments in the second term of the governor.

“Ebonyi workers receive their monthly salaries regularly and the government even pays better than most states including those in the oil-rich Niger Delta states and government is not owing salaries, despite the lean monthly allocation accruing to the state.

“The governor also gave loans to civil servants to establish small businesses that will generate additional income for them because he has always emphasised that salaries and wages can never be enough,’’ Chima said.

Recalls  that Umahi of the PDP polled a total of 393,343 votes to defeat Sen. Sonni Ogbuoji of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who scored 81,703 in the just-concluded Governorship Election in Ebonyi.







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