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Higlights Of March 9th: When Nigerians Didn’t Go To The Polls



I would really like to be on the wall of wherever, to hear about the 2019 elections which have thrown up a lot of issues. I am confused.

Akwa Ibom: How to be a people: Akwa Ibom really surprised me. I was bracing for the worst in the same league with Rivers State. I thought we would see and hear of mayhem but the unexpected happened. The state’s result was among the first to be eventually announced with barely any rancour. I feared for the state because the way Akpabio huffed, puffed and flared his nostrils including raining curses on himself if he didn’t hand over his state, Akwa Ibom to APC/PMB,  I was so sure he would have his way and with barely a whimper, Akwa Ibom had smooth sailing. What gave? I have my very simple straightforward theory; sense finally made it back to Akpabio. Wisdom is profitable to instruct says the Bible. At a point I also theorised that Akpabio might have played to the APC gallery and worked behind the scenes with his people. With what we have seen in this country, particularly this election period, this theory is far from outlandish because as it came to pass in the words and voice of APC, it was PDP SAK!

CP Wakili: When I saw the video of CP Wakili, who looks uncannily like PMB; saying in no uncertain terms that he had a duty to God, his family and his job, and he will not be used for evil, I thought, whoever had sent him to Kano had entered one-chance and had not seen this coming.  For a time like this, he is the correct man for the job. Imagine digging up 36 more of his kind! His actions after this video, the lack of violence and the work he’s done to get those young chaps to exercise restraint and make a citizen’s arrest of the deputy governor (chants of we are waiting for the CP rent the air), the subsequent handover of the deputy to the police for ‘protective custody’ blew his popularity through the roof.  I got angry and upset-where has this policeman been all along only to learn that he has only two months to exit the police force!!!. I am gutted. When we are in dire need of examples, mentors, beacons of light and hope, we are about to snuff out one. Why was he hidden all this while?? Why, oh why do the ‘good’ keep getting the raw end of the stick? Anyway, he is ‘My Man’ of 2019 and 2020! I wish him the very, very, very best. I can trust Twitter town to start a fund for him once he retires. One more thing, Mr President-elect, your administration is one of all things are possible, can he be made IG of Police? Asking for a friend.

Voter Anger: Remember way back in the year leading up to 2015 when the citizenry was gearing up to remove former President Jonathan as president? Remember the jests, jeers, insults, name calling and glee that a worthy successor had been found to replace “this poor excuse of a leader”? Remember how jubilant the citizenry was despite a section of the country that protested to the injustices being hurled at GEJ? Anyway, fast forward to four years later, it seems the citizenry is not in such a jubilant mood well, at least half. This was evident at the just concluded Guber polls. It is interesting what four years can do. The story that keeps coming to mind is the story of God, Israel and Saul. God was used to speaking to Israel through prophets as His preferred channel of communication, but Israel became envious of their neighbours all around who had kings ruling in splendor. Israel threw a huge tantrum and asked God for a King; they didn’t want his prophets anymore. God agreed with a caveat; “When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.”  God then directs Judge/Prophet Samuel to anoint Saul as His chosen King for Israel. You can read the account in 1 Samuel 8-10). What we witnessed on February 23, was voters wanting to change their ‘king’ and when they cried out and it didn’t happen their anger was manifest in the extremely low turnout recorded in most states as against the norm-apathy. Who anger epp? If we don’t keep at this, then we lose the franchise to speak and participate and bear the consequences.  One thing is certain, “David” is around somewhere…

Rivers State and the theatre of ‘Unknown’: I was sorely mistaken when I wrote in an earlier edition that Rivers would have peace this election. I underestimated the forces that currently reside in Rivers State. It was disheartening to hear that Rivers State elections had been postponed indefinitely. I couldn’t make out the reason clearly but what we saw clearly was an INEC official stating calmly that the INEC office was under siege by a clash between the police guarding the INEC HQ and the Army (that were sent to protect life, property and the votes). It wasn’t thugs or non-state actors that were in the unfolding drama. Shocking isn’t it? Like in the case of Akwa Ibom, Amaechi had placed himself smack in the middle of this national disgrace, whether unwittingly or deliberately, despite all, as I said before, Amaechi has played an inglorious role when he could have changed the narrative.  Eventually, the Army distanced itself from the ‘soldiers’ that were seen at the scene. This throws up then the need for a scandalised, angry and swift response and dealing with: The scourge of the fake soldiers. If we say for instance that the soldiers at the INEC HQ Rivers were fake, then it is an incident one too many and embarrassing. The Army needs to weed out and deal decisively with the manufacturers of these fake uniforms and the people wearing them!  The Army has come out and released an official statement on the whole perception of the Army’s involvement not only in Rivers but the country over on their Twitter handle. I am hoping to see arrests and punishments being meted out soon.